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    EPISODE 3 Discussion

    I just saw it tonight. It was alright, wasn't as good as I thought all the hype made it out to be, but it was definently worth the money and then some. I'll see it again before it's out of the theaters. I was really dropping my jaw when I saw Order 66 carrying out, the whole theater (which...
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    EPISODE 3 Discussion

    I'm more of a lurker when I check this board, however.. to answer why Kenobi left Anakin to burn alive, rather than to just take him out of his misery.. I believe he let the will of the "force" decide his fate, however, no one is stupid. Kenobi probably did figure he was going to die. It really...
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    Voice acting.

    I sent you some samples that I did for a demo, you responded to me at
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    W3: The making of (High quality) download

    Hey guys, Can anyone direct me were to download the specific codec needed to play the video on this high quality; making of WC3? It always seems to fail when it tries to automatically download in Windows Media. Thanks.
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    Crusader website underway!

    I'm a fan. I've played No Remorse a lot on PC back in 96' and 97, and have played through the end, with cheats. :-) I also have No Remorse on playstation. Can't wait to see your guys page.
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    Check out this video it is pretty good

    If you like that, you should check out this flash video... It has a lot of langauge and violence in it though, but its extremely funny.
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    I Got It To Work!!!!

    Anyone know how to extract Crusader music? Or were to get it on MP3 format? I had it a few years back on a different computer. I got it off Napster or something, Kazaa is a no-go for searching for it. EDIT: After continous searching, I found the entire No Remorse soundtrack, email me if...
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    I Got It To Work!!!!

    Yesterday, I also used Dosbox to get my Crusader No Remorse to work after checking out this thread, I sucessfully installed and ran it, the opening videos were a little choppy, after continously adjusting the CPU cycle and frame skips still not perfect - OK, I can deal with that. I however...
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    Origin case mod update

    Looks really good.
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    Chronicles of Riddick

    I heard it was good, for a Vin Diesel movie.
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    Ft Ft Ft....

    Maybe they know what happened, whatever that may be and decided it's more fun for everyone to make assumptions to what they think could have happened? Highly unlikely though. On a sidenote, I had recently saw a new discovery channel show about the Bermuda triangle not too long ago, Im...
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    Best movie quote

    "Hey, slick, you see that shit comin out of their ears? They can't fucking hear you. Cool it!" - Tom Sizemore, Heat.
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    Ok, now I know, quality wise KS sucks...

    Indeed. The full glory of Origin, with the Wing Commander Saga and I also liked Crusader: No Remorse, never played No Regret. I personally think 94-97 were the best years for PC games. Other games as Rebel Assault and all the other Star Wars Flight Sims in that time period, Total...
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    fave quote from wc

    Yeah I agre, that was a good one, "It doesn't matter, they werent worthy anyway."
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    I can't say that I agree with their conclusion

    Probably, it's more funny to misspell it.
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    To The Death!

    I always liked watching Blair get vaporized versus disembowelment. "You've won Prince Thrakhath.. every being deserves a second chance to live..... *girm look*" Something along those lines I played the loosing end just to get sceencaps of blair getting vaporized. I just eject when Im...
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    don't you think they overdid it

    Something in the game I never figured out, happens right before you get to the last sequence to get Tolwyn revealed to the assembly what he is really up to, right after you kill Seether, is it alright to blast up a Confed Starbase that is orbiting Earth. I surely doubt that starbase was apart of...
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    Worst wingman in wc serie

    I always took Maniac out for the most part. I often would get the cutscene from Eisen about taking the other pilots out for morale or something along those lines in the first couple of missions I played, I forget actually what game it was... Im leaning towards HoTG.