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    Hilarious WC moment

    hey. i really enjoy the scene in WCIV where Catscratch and Vagabond are playing cards in the cantina, and maniac is standing behind one of'm giving signals :D another great moment is the one end of the same scene not the one where maniac gives cat a chip, bet where he does that "Biteing...
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    i don't think Starship Troopers came out "right after" WCIV and i doubt Casper even knows marks name, and/or vice versa, but that's showbizz:cool:
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    New hard drive = Wing Commander Marathon!

    I'm curios, do you intend to play KS or the original on This machine? and to wich WC fighter(or ship) would you compare your PC? (Wierd??? like compare my pc to an unarmed Longbow:eek:)
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    Any idea where I can find

    uhm..i don't want to rub salt in anyones wounds, but would it have matterd if it was anyone ells but TC who stepped in? just wondering if it matters by whom you are correct by...
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    LOAF checks in

    So what if this guy takes the Exit before the Information Super Highway, maybe he prefers the unhardend rough road that is the unconnected PC:)
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    WC Universe's Controversial Plot Holes, Discrepacies, Continuity Problems, etc

    uhm... what?!:confused: "Someone along the way has confused Blizzard, with blue skin, and Bluehair, with blue... hair" when did that happen? and uhm... how could you sit behind yourself? it's MUST HAVE been a long time since you played WC1 for you to forget that you actually ARE Blair...
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    WC Universe's Controversial Plot Holes, Discrepacies, Continuity Problems, etc

    ahh, but just becouse we don't see 'm doesn't mean they're not there:) WCATV really just focused on the cadets, (maybe a bit on tolwyn, and a little Kiltathi politics) not the vets.
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    WC Universe's Controversial Plot Holes, Discrepacies, Continuity Problems, etc

    well in a way... they did serve on the same ship. i believe that as far as we know, Ice and the rest of the WC1 Crew were also present in WCATV....right?
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    This is nutty

    hehe, i know, can't believe you fel for that?
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    This is nutty

    Non-phixion - I shot reagan i believe thats it:cool:
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    hello people at CIC. altho i don't post as much as i used to, i stil check up on news on the front page as often as i can. happy 4th! great job keep it up... keep hope alive.. Tristan "Twister" Verboom
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    U R A WC junkie if...

    oke i'm sorry but i just HAD to reply, to this post, i'm sorry it's so late. NoRemorse, you shouldn't heve felt attacked by that post, it was just a small wordt of advice, no one was talking about banning, and i didn't say a word about your english, how could i? my english is crappy enough on...
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    U R A WC junkie if...

    "They have since appeared at various web sites and in various re-postings around the 'web." Really, i don't know that, i'm honoured:)
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    U R A WC junkie if...

    oke that's great people keep 'm coming. just two things, i still see a lot of doubles in here, please read the outher posts before posting. and NoRemorse, that's a pretty cheap way to increase your rank and also very anoing>spelling!<, do you know you can EDIT you posts and then add 'm in...
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    U R A WC junkie if...

    301. You change your name to that of one of the WC characters. 302. The name you take isn't one of the human characters' names.(See 301) 303. You name your first child "Thrakkath." 304. Your family members aren't weirded by that fact.(see 289) 305. Said child becomes a WC junkie and follows...
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    U R A WC junkie if...

    201. You want number 200 really bad 202. You go to the supermarket trying to find a 6-pack of Bex Beer 203. You go to the nearest car parts dealer trying to find isometal armor, fusion cannons and an advanced repair droid for your car. 204. You go to the weapons black market trying to...
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    U R A WC junkie if...

    100. You actually take the time to try and figure out the physics behind any of the beam weapons (laser cannons, plasma cannons, etc..). OOhhh....bonus for the leech cannons. 101. You'd love to use a flashpack to instantly "nuke" (aka "cook") the popcorn that it takes a good 3+ minutes to do...
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    U R A WC junkie if...

    well it's that time again, it's been a while, and there are a lot of new people here who may have something to add to this list. but please read the list first to prevent double posts, i've taken out most doubles. enjoy, and feel free to add anything. U R A WC junkie if... You Are A...
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    Interactive Movie Games

    hey everybody, it's been a while, good to te be back, lot a fresh meat in here;) anyway i love interactive movies, Treguard ; how could you not like Tex Murphy, i loved that game, the first one that is. i don't know what to think about Inca II, it's kinda cool. those ST games are fun to...
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    Broadswords in WCM?...

    could the Bonnie have been on a mission, or would it still be "just a ship" then