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    Whatever happened to Frontier Prelude to Darkness

    Frontier is very much alive - in a few days they are showing their first footage at armageddon expo I think. I wish lew didn't remove the originals though. :)
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    Wing Commander 2010

    Sorry I was in a bit of a rush earlier and see that you have already answered my question about the software in an earlier post!
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    Wing Commander 2010

    These look really really good, I really like the direction you are taking. What software are you using? Keep up the good work!
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    BREAKING NEWS: EA Announces... Something? (February 21, 2008)

    It will be interesting to see what happens with this one!
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    Progress Update

    Excellent piece of work!
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    BREAKING NEWS: Arena Pricing Announced (May 25, 2007)

    Any concrete info on the release date yet?
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    BREAKING NEWS: First Arena Screenshots! (February 22, 2007) a new video
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    BREAKING NEWS: First Arena Screenshots! (February 22, 2007) I think this is a new screenshot?
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    BREAKING NEWS: First Arena Screenshots! (February 22, 2007)

    It's great to see some media so soon after the leak through the ESRB. The largely 2d plane is interesting, it certainly looks nice, with big background ships and colourful backdrops. I'd love to see a phanther in there or maybe a vampire from WCP thrown in there as well as the midway!
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    Lets Be Friends!

    You can also tell the system to try and avoid problem players in the future (this is system wide and so applies any game you play online). You can also set prefered players and the system will try and match you up more often.
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    Don't have $400 to drop? Have a little patience...

    For us Europeans, are selling core systems for £150 (inc delivery) now. Add the cost of a HDD and you still have a very nice deal compared to what you could get with your money a matter of weeks ago.
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    BREAKING NEWS: ESRB Announces Rating for 'Wing Commander Arena' (February 21, 2007)

    Changed it over, I must of stuck that up months and months ago for the lack of anything interesting to stick down for a signiture! Im really excited about the prospect of a new wing commander game, lets face it; 1997 was a very long time ago now.
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    BREAKING NEWS: ESRB Announces Rating for 'Wing Commander Arena' (February 21, 2007)

    Oooh very interesting. Has anyone at the CIC been approached about this by EA?
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    Man of Vision: Multiplayer Added to Prophecy (March 5, 2006)

    fantastic news :D great work! I certianly wasn't expecting to read this this morning :D
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    Official XBox 360 Launch Thread

    woah that’s one hell of a wait. The launch at the local Asda/wall mart centre over here in the UK was pretty chaotic. I managed to get one of the last 360s available in store (they had 11 in stock). 7 hours of waiting around in store after putting my name down for one I walked out with an...
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    Hurricane Katarina

    I simply can’t believe what im seeing. The human tragedy and continuing suffering is beyond words and deeply affecting, It baffles me that people and some news are focusing on the looting; electronics and jewelry stock in stores is surely an irrelevance considering the enormity of the crisis...
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    Star Trek/Star Wars/Space Movies and their futures?

    Well from my understanding of the poll question it was favorite current sci-fi shows. If we are talking favorite ever sci-fi show my vote would go to star trek. Present day however, im really enjoying the new BSG.
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    Star Trek/Star Wars/Space Movies and their futures?

    battlestar galactica gets my vote.
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    Guess what's in Bridge Commander

    nice, I did enjoy bridge commander, will have to install again soon
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    Wrap Your Video Card For Better Effects (August 19, 2005)

    looks good, i will have to try this tonight. Will this also work for standoff and UE?