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    Prototype Midway Design

    Why am I hearing the music from "Tron" as I am looking at this? lol
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    Enoch Murkins

    Hey,I was wonder if someone can recite, in whole, something Capt. Murkins said during one mission launch. I remember the first part, but sadly forget the rest: "We got momentum, people. Lets not lose it." He said some stuff about targeting but, again, I forgot the rest. Please and thank you.
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    Duke Nukem Forever....

    In case others didn't know, there is a review for the game right here:
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    HoTT's Game Review(s)

    A friend thought I should start posting my reviews on a more open forum. She thought it'd be therapeutic for me, let me be more outgoing. (Yes, I know. Scary thought.) Well, my first posted review. (Be gentle.) “Casebook Episode 0” Game Review I’m a huge...
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    Best Weapon Combo

    WC1- Rapier. Long-range lasers, enough to take down the shields. Then switch to neutrons to take care of the rest. The Raptors are okay. But the two “close-range” guns don’t do too much for me. (Especially when fighting against those armed with lasers.) Not to mention that I end up draining...
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    Best/Worst Sci-Fi TV series

    Best: “The Prisoner”- I have other faves, but I figure that I’ll mention them at a later time when I got more of my head squared away. The old classic is something of an oddity, not something that can easily be categorized or pigeonholed. A rebellious, headstrong spy is taken to The...
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    Best/worst Sci Fi Movie

    I’ll keep the best for myself. But there are some bad ones that I don’t think have been mentioned already. Worst: “Lawnmower Man 2”- This was the kind of movie you’d expect to find on late-night cable. Something you’d watch only if you were bored enough and unable to find the energy to...
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    Left 4 Dead?

    Lemme guess: a bio-convergence weapon is accidentally released onboard a BW carrier and the only survivors must fight their way towards the hanger bay and the last available shuttle. :D
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    Worst game ever played?

    "Escape" was okay. But I thought it felt to "jarring", especially after playing "Curse of Monkey Island". The transition from cartoony to 3D was a bit much for me, personally. The engine looked wonderful on "Grim Fandango", but it never looked/felt right in MI. Ah, Elaine... another...
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    Worst game ever played?

    "Star Trek: Legacy" for the PC. It's lasting Legacy is that it made me swear off ST games forever. Now that I've had time to think about it: The first "Aliens vs. Predator" (PC). It's too dark. So dark that not even cranking up the gamma helped too much. The aliens came too fast and without...
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    Worst game ever played?

    I actually liked "Bad Blood". I completed it; but I do see your point. There was a lot of problems with the gameplay and such. A couple of games I thought sucked was "Star Trek: Starfleet Academy" and "Star Trek: Legacy". Academy because... a lot of reasons; Legacy, becasue it was pretty...
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    Making the Games: Kilrathi Sketches (December 13, 2008)

    Nice. :D Would anyone mind if I try to sketch in a bikini in there? ;)
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    The Ships of Privateer 3 (August 11, 2008)

    The Traket reminds me of the concept sketches of DS9's "Defiant". They definately look similiar. (They should've completed the game! *cries*)
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    Re: Need help for College Thesis.

    Well, we're always a bit smarter after the fact... :D Basically, the procedures and situations involved. How they're similiar and how they differ. I got inspired by a few stories: the landing of German agents off the coast of Maine in '44, and the bust of that sleeper cell in Buffalo, NY some...
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    Re: Need help for College Thesis.

    :confused: I need some help. And I thought that this place would be a good place to start. Considering that we have a eclectic collection of intellectuals and Samaritans here. :D (The course I'm taking is for an associates' arts degree in psychology... yeah, make your own jokes on that one...
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    WC:CD Buccaneer

    *gasping for breath* I think... I am... in love! :p
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    Star Trek XI Teaser

    Winona Ryder... one of the reasons why "Alien Resurrection" became so lame. Hope they don't post her as a vulcan. I dunno about remakes. "Casino Royale", I thought, was quite good because it was "remake/revamp". Dunno if I could stand seeing that mostly-red bridge on the big screen; it might...
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    Wrath of Khan

    I made it, of course. :D (Admitingly, that line at the bottom always sounds like a haiku to me for some reason. ;) ) Incidently, I always thought "Engergize defense fields" was an internal defense measure, for some reason. Nothing with external shields going up.
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    Wrath of Khan

    Gee, I was kinda expecting to use this somewhere else, but alas, this can be as good a place as any. ;-)
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    Arena is Worth Playing (June 3, 2007)

    Can we hope that it'd be a "Campaign" mode?