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    Team CIC Returns to Wing Commander's Birth Place (October 6, 2012)

    Heh, the Amy's at the Arboretum? Really? Anyway, I live in ATX these days, so lemme know what y'all are up to. Would love to meet up for lunch or something.
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    Thrakkath and Revenge

    There's probably a realization on Thraky's part that his father gambled big, and basically lost and deserved what he got. That said, the main reason his gamble failed was Blair, hence Blair's the center of his vengeance. From a cultural standpoint the Kilrathi are probably used to executions...
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    KIS Hha'ifra

    Doesn't necessarily have to be a torpedo either...I mean the Kilrathi sure were fond of ramming things.
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    New Fighter Conjecture

    The distinction between the TCSF/TCN seem to be fairly haphazard because it always seems you're TCSF in the games but pilots tend to be TCN in other material (movie, novels). I don't think there's any quick or easy way to separate fighters between the two, because you do see many being used...
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    New Fighter Conjecture

    Karnes was the only one who had the sabre shaped thing, I think. I suppose it's possible they were just fighters they ran away in, though deserting with high grade military hardware in it of itself sounds a bit of a stretch. The YA-18s at least had the excuse that it was the entire ship that...
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    New Fighter Conjecture

    I find it unlikely for two reasons. Again the variant designators. The F-57A is the mainline heavy fighter used aboard Concordia in 2666, and the F-57B is a brand-new variant used in 2667 and first deployed aboard the Wake-CVEs. It seems a stretch that a fighter can go without a major...
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    New Fighter Conjecture

    Well, there's a fairly recent thread on some entry dates and service lengths: Here. But I guess the discussion died out somewhere along the line. Phantom intro should be 2669, it's listed as new in Armada. Not quite sure why Sabre's...
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    Fighter Introduction Dates

    A quick reply. I did adjust the service entry dates for the Gladius and Raptor a bit further back to match the Broadsword. Slightly puzzling on that respect is that there's no major "attack" role craft between the Broadsword and the...
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    Fighter Designations

    You're correct. That's a typo on my part. sorry. Bearcat can be assumed to be F-104. Happy?
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    Fighter Designations Rough service charts are here, I've been on vacation and haven't really been able to update them to account for Star*Soldier. Note that there's a rough correspondence between the fighter service dates and their designators. the only real...
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    Diplomatic Immunity

    In theory the general can be prosecuted under the nexus of the concept of a "universal crime" which has no jurisdictional limitations based on territorial sovereignty. "Diplomatic Immunity" as its defined by the Vienna Conventions refers primarily to legal and civil infractions committed within...
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    Fighter Introduction Dates

    Oh as for that... Two main reasons. The first is as LOAF suggested there's some ambiguity as to whether or not the WCA ships were really Sabres or Epees, though granted their silhouettes are close enough to be the assumed homages, but for the sake of this timeline, I figured it wouldn't...
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    Fighter Introduction Dates

    I pushed the "2680" date fighters back to 2685 as a range between 2680 - 2685 as their gradual phase out, rather than all of them being retired at once.
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    New Saga Rapier!

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    Fighter Introduction Dates Includes question marks on all conjectural dates or ranges.
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    Fighter Introduction Dates

    Another one resorted to have the reserve service dates for things like the Broadsword, Arrow, etc. that we see in Arena, to square away the apparent contradiction of them being "replaced" ca. WCP. Made a guestimate/assumption that they're brought back online sometime in the 90s...
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    Fighter Introduction Dates

    I'm not sure what you mean by early. 2690 is a fairly late date given the last time we see them in service is in the later half of 2681, and only then with local system defense force units, rather than front line TCSF service. However, I've edited out the "end" dates as 2695 (for...
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    Fighter Introduction Dates

    And finally three graphical timelines. It's a bit large so I've put them up at: First is simply alphabetical sorting. Second is sorted by introduction date. Last one is by withdrawal...
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    Fighter Introduction Dates

    Snapshots by Era and fighter variants. Variants by fighter type and when we actually see them in service. (Does not include conjectural models. F-27 Arrow Academy Version: ~2654 (WCATV) Armada Type: ~2669 HotT Type: ~2669 Cloak Type: ~2673 TPoF "Budget"/"Pirate" Type: ~2673 "Point...
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    Fighter Introduction Dates

    Redid the main timeline of introductions a bit. Some notes: 1. For the time being placed the Rapier-I introduction in the 27th century, to coincide roughly the creation of the Grand Fleet. I know this is gonna throw up controversy in the long run, but just so it's clear I'm not really...