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  1. poopnoodle

    wing commander ccg rules question

    Thank you... That was quite clear and concise. I appreciate you taking the time to write it out. I will definately check out the vassal version... Looks like fun.
  2. poopnoodle

    wing commander ccg rules question

    hi there everyone, I just picked up a pair of starter decks of the wc ccg and I had a question or two about the combat system. 1.) when you attack with 2 "flights" can you attack with each fighter or just with one and use the second for support? 2.) if you make into a nav point with two...
  3. poopnoodle

    3D Printed Starfighters

    i went for it and had your hellcat printed with Sculpteo, it turned out quite well. i liked that it was scaleable (within reason), it printed out to 2.4 in on the longest side. here are a few pictures: i know it's...
  4. poopnoodle

    3D Printed Starfighters

    First off, i absolutely love these. Is there any possibility of having these beautiful models in a 2-3 inch size like the old micro machines?
  5. poopnoodle

    Invisible Ships

    hello all, standoff has been working like a dream until the last update, now the ships are nearly invisible in the database view and simulator (mission select screen); all you can see are some of the hull plates (the red channel of lighting in the database brightens these). in-flight the...
  6. poopnoodle

    functional nav map question

    hi there, i was wondering about something and i cant explain why i haven't asked this before but is it possible to redirect your ship during the mission, like in the mission when you can join the pirates (if you can). how do you change the next nav point (as in retreat); i've wondered this since...
  7. poopnoodle

    my personal database

    Thanks Baron, that's one of my favorite ships, unfortunately it gets very little exposure. -brad
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    my personal database

    there wouldn't happen to be a 5 view image of the paradigm floating around would there? if so it would be cool to see.
  9. poopnoodle

    IMPORTANT: Standoff Episode 5 patch 1.26 now available

    that works, everything is turned on and there doesn't seem to be any problems thanks tretboot
  10. poopnoodle

    IMPORTANT: Standoff Episode 5 patch 1.26 now available

    i checked for new video card drivers, it said that they were the most current
  11. poopnoodle

    IMPORTANT: Standoff Episode 5 patch 1.26 now available

    for some reason the maroon color is now black. here is a picture of the briefing screen: the in-flight problesa are the same, all the hud elements (afterburner fuel, weapon energy, ship picture, crosshair, red/blue target brackets) are still there, but not the cockpit struts or any modeled...
  12. poopnoodle

    IMPORTANT: Standoff Episode 5 patch 1.26 now available

    hi there guys, it's not exactly a crash, but when the HDR/Bloom effects are on the screen shows only maroon red in the cockpit/briefing room. I'm Running: Intel Core Duo 2.2ghz T7500 Geforce 8400m GS i'm just curious if this is a shortcoming of my hardware or something that's on the...
  13. poopnoodle

    Melek makes an appearence

    wasn't there a million point nerd score attached to that little quiz thing. my brother was rather confused when i corretly identified melek (facepalm and the like).
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    were they "home made" by the library?
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    hey there all, I've been forced to give up the ol' car and take public transportation (for 3 hours a day), and i discovered the wonderful world of audio books while trying to find ways to occupy the time, and i was wondering if that were any recordings floating around. i have read end run...
  16. poopnoodle

    Making the Games: Twilight Purchase Artwork (November 23, 2008)

    you know, ever since i played secret ops i couldn't help but notice the obscene side view of this ship. not to be immature or anything, it's just that seeing its sillouette (side view), makes me feel uneasy.
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    the bronze color looks spectacular, great work
  18. poopnoodle

    Progress Update

    my goodness, the ol' girl looks stunning
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    well, i always thought it was due to the ten year difference between the first and second game, honestly maniac became a test pilot, angel got promoted, hobbes was relegated to the backwater station, and paladin got a nice hawiian shirt; let me know if i got any details wrong (it's been a...
  20. poopnoodle

    You prefered simulator ship?

    well, for power i like the wraith but the odd thing is i seem to do better in the stiletto than anything else, i have no love for that little ship in the campaign, but in the sim it does pretty well. -brad