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    WC4 DVD problem, No video or sound in Movies

    Ha, *finally* got it running; I ended up having to use the new 1.3 version of dxmci to force the game to look at the DVD drive for the videos (it kept giving me the missing movie error even after I had the mpeg2 and ac3 filters installed), but we're on--thanks much guys!
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    WC4 DVD problem, No video or sound in Movies

    Alright, I've monkeyed around a little more with the game, and it seems that the sticking point is that on *both* of my copies of WC4 (both double-sided DVDs) it gives me the "Error Rendering file! (0x80030200)" message on both my new system and my main WinXP system, even after both are set up...
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    WC4 DVD problem, No video or sound in Movies

    Alright, built a new dual-boot Win98/Win2k machine last night to test both scenarios. It seems that I'm getting the same error for both OSes, though. I install the game as normal and put the dxmci files into the wc4dvd directory. When I try to start the game, I get a black screen with the...
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    WC4 DVD problem, No video or sound in Movies

    I've tried it a couple different ways, but they still leave plenty of possible problems open; I've got it running but with no sound or video in sequence (have to hit escape to skip to the first FMV-choice, which I can hear Blair say, but I only have a black screen), and then it skips to the...
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    Pliers' Ship Selection Quotes

    I believe that Mr. Cook was banned after his last post, to which LOAF commented "saw it coming." Thanks Loaf for the collected quotes (year old or not)--WC4 has been the one in the series that's always avoided me, but if I can trick one of my two DVD copies into working (durn DXMCI) I think...
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    The Word Game

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    Iceman casting

    Iceman always came off as a one-dimensional Clint Eastwood type; think "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly" only colder. Plus, I always swore that he looked just like him...
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    game related problem with WC1

    It sounds like you're using the keyboard to control flight, firing, and afterburner. I've always had this same problem whenever I've tried to play the game with only the keyboard; you'd do well to learn to use the mouse or get ahold of a good old Gravis analog joystick (my personal favorite)...
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    The Word Game

    Bill the Cat
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    The Word Game

    Ronald Reagan (newest US nuclear-powered carrier)
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    The Word Game

    Best In Show
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    Best Buy Graphics Card

    I've been doing some heavy-duty research on video cards myself, recently: As far as AGP goes, the 9800Pro is solid at $200, the GeForce 6800 (normal) 128MB is $270 and gives you quite better performance, and the 6800 GT 256MB or X800 Pro 256MB are top-of-the-line at around $400. In regards...
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    The Word Game

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    Ship Speeds

    Vibration, kinetic energy, and shockwaves are not forces in and of themselves. Kinetic energy itself, when you get down to it, is an abstraction used to explain why when the densely-packed molecules of someone's fist hit the densely-packed molecules of your face, the transference of this...
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    The Word Game

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    Next Wing Commander Game

    In the mid-90's, there was a toss-up between mediocre FPS-es, racing games, and strategy games, and FMV-based adventure games were the big thing. Then along came Command and Conquer and Warcraft II, and there was a massive trend-shift toward real-time strategy games, so much so that RTSes...
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    WC Comic: Halcyon's Callsign

    I'm thinking that something along the lines of the original religious-themed ones sounds good--remember, this isn't just some nameless pilot out in the middle of the war, he's going to be the main character of the strip, and he should have some sort of callsign that sounds like it. With that in...
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    The silliest callsign

    When I first started playing WC1, I didn't fully understand what a "Callsign" was (being only, like, six years old at the time), but I figured it must be some sort of military word for "first name," because that's what everyone always called me in the game. Later on, though, I wanted something...
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    Dragoncon Stories: Our good friend Eclipse

    21st Century Darwinism: More Klingons! :)
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    The Word Game