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    MS Sidewinder Pro DOS support

    I got this from the FAQ on logitech's home pages : Q. Can I use my Digital Gaming device in DOS games? A. All Logitech Digital gaming devices should work in games that run in a DOS box in Windows. This means that if the games requires you to restart the computer in DOS mode to play the...
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    MS Sidewinder Pro DOS support

    I will look tonight. I will try and find a game i can test it on two. WCII is too fast to play on my PC, I would need to install a "slower" software. I may have an old copy of somthing kicking around somewere.
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    The Enemy in WC

    Huurahhh. Yip, I'm one of them people who have been bugging Origin to Do multiplayer WC games. I like wing commander, (except Priviteer), and at the end of the day once you've killed your way to the end of the story, I want to kill my pals too. I would not like to see it On-line only. A good...
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    MS Sidewinder Pro DOS support

    Bolder Dash!, most joy sticks work in dos, not always with fully configurable buttons however. ALL JOY STICKS ARE DIGITAL, ITS ANALOG YOU ARE TAKING ABOUT. Both types work under dos. (like the warrior5 from quick shot.) I have a logitech Extreem 3D, I can use it for USB or unplug the USB and...
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    Video trouble

    Ok, -So, you got your self a naff 486-33 (of wich I have bined manny), to tide you over till you get your newer CPU of your good system arrives. Well here's my opinion. 1. put your 486 a side and call it aday with that machine. 2. If you want a temp system pick up a P75 or so for under 50...
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    Really Narked at Origin/EA.

    For a long time i have been a fan and supporter of the Wing Commander Plethra. Mocking my sad pals how play X-wing VS Tie fighter. But no more. not only is there still no multi-player options in wing commander to extend the life of the game after compleating it but, I can even get tech support...