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    Editing / Modding Tools - WCSecret Ops

    Quarto: That is indeed our biggest problem :) Pani:
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    Flight Simulator for Flight Commander/wcX

    hmm... I know x-plane uses UDP to allow the instructor console computer to talk to the sim computer... for switches and lights, you may want to use an older pc with ISA slots, get some parallel port cards, and run the lights and switches from there. Then write a driver to poll the input lines...
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    Wing Commander Pioneer

    I got a hold of a couple of semi-pro voice actors if you want their contact info (not posting their email here to avoid spambots), let me know. ^-^
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    Editing / Modding Tools - WCSecret Ops

    LOAF: It's not a stupid mod. Don't call me (or my stuff) names and you (or your stuff) won't be called names back. I was just pointing out that for more "causal" modding using an open source engine may make life easier since if you want to change this or that behavior, you can instead of...
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    Editing / Modding Tools - WCSecret Ops

    Sorry if it seems I'm tooting my own horn, but why don't you try Vegastrike? it's intentionally made to be easy to tweak. :) And you're welcome to use the ships we already have punched in for WCU, just give back in the same way please.
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    Flight Simulator for Flight Commander/wcX

    x-plane has REALLY improved in the last ~8 months. And ya, it's Laminar.... they need a flightsim interface to comply with FCC certification reqs and since they're nice kitties the format is completely open :) if you decide to build your own simulator box the author will probably give you a hand...
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    Flight Simulator for Flight Commander/wcX Email the author and ask him about interfacing -- this can and is being done. You will likely need one computer to run the actual sim and another to run the instrumentation.
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    Mixing PR and P:GG?

    what you can do is copy the /units dir from GG into PR, you should get at least some of the benefits. I had half a thought of making an "extra ships" minipatch for GG, but I don't think that John would approve and ultimately it's his baby. This said, we probably will use GG art in PR 1.3 ^-^...
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    i don't know.... try my version, i checked it with AVG and it's safe? it's piarmada 0.8 with some extra vs-related stuff. mostly it's capships and flak guns.
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    which one? if it's from my server, tell me so i can check :)
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    Overhauled Manual

    wiigii! :) the tarsus supports level 2 shields, not level 1 -- i think this is a mistake leftover from the original Priv manual. Also, the Centurion doesn't have a cargo expansion.
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    docking with paradigm?

    john you may want to recompile from cvs at least so you get the hidden cargo compartment stuff before you release... if need be write me and i'll compile it for you, ok? i will need a current GG icon.
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    docking with paradigm?

    There is a tractor beam cargo sorting bug -- right now it's only fixed in WCU patch 15, although the changes have been sent upstream so they should be in CVS in a few days.
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    I took the liberty of doing a few things to piarmada (namely using the right capships and improving the flight model a bit). It's based on piarmada 0.8 .... 0.9 is almost complete by the way, it's just missing the gauntlet...
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    Blanket Amnesty

    meow. i think i have some cleaning up to do in the wcu forum ^^;
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    15 Years of Wing Commander - What Was Your First Time Like?

    Darn, we were hoping to have a wc1 remake ready by now :) other than that... happy birthday! I first played WC1 on an Amiga and constantly referred to it and Monkey Island to prove how better my 500+ was than the pc's of the time. ;)
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    Shuttle Fleet......GROUNDED. Bummer.

    the shuttle is a flying disaster anyway.... CSV for people and Energia for heavy lifting, IMHO.
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    car HUDs?

    Something you can do is get one of those pendulum-based clocks that create a "picture in the air" and hack it to display speed rather than time.... it gets VERY wobbly on turns and if you drive on a lot of bumps don't expect it to last long, though. and yes i tried.
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    Wing Commander Pioneer

    Vegastrike engine not up to it? Hmm, I smell a space race ;) seriously, I'll probably end up enjoying Pioneer more than WCU when they're both finished.
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    Getting Attacked While Docked

    Sounds like you have an old version.... check the vegastrike forums, we have moved ^^;