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    Wing Commander Music Video

    very very nice! hope to see more soon! again: ULTRA MEGA COOL!
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    End Run...out of print!

    I am also from Austria and i got a copy on ebay! It was expensive, but i got one :D mfg Arrow Wingcenter
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    Most HATED weapon...

    Laser Cannons, they are too weak and they need to uch energy (WC 4) btw. Javelin HS got a higher TacVal because it has more firepower than the ImRec
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    Casper Van Dien?

    No, they get violent, because their Wing Commander doesn't work :D Question: What about Wing Commander in German? Are there also some scenes missing?
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    Diablo Type Wing Commander RPG

    Not a Diablo like game, but a game like Commandos or Commandos 2 would be nice
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    Big Problem!

    nope i am not running KS but thnx i have reinstalled win 98 as my second OS and now WC3 works fine
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    Big Problem!

    yes of course but it crashes everytime... I tried everything... I think it's my TNT 2 chip... Where can i get a VESA/UNIVBE Driver for it? thnx Arrow
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    Big Problem!

    I have got now a new old RIVA TNT 2 Video Card and Win XP. I tried to install WC 3 again but it failed! when i check for univbe an error occours: didnt found compatible grafik or something like that. Can somebody help me? What shall I do?
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    best captain

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    What's your (Call)Sign?

    Arrow... cause it's my favourite Fighter :D
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    Next Wing Commander

    NO! Freespace was a nice game... It's the third best space sim i know (after WC and Privateer). But it's still bether than Starlancer. __________________ the largest german Wing Commander Fan Site
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    Wing Commander Games

    It's very rare here... Last one sold on e-bay was sold for 79 DM (about 35 Dollars i think)
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    Wing Commander Games

    Here in Germany and Austria i would get about 35 to 50 Dollars for it :D __________________ the largest german Wing Commander Fan Site (no wonder, it's the last one remaining)
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    Wing Commander Games

    bucks = dollars???? __________________ the largest german Wing Commander Fan Site (no wonder, it's the last one remaining)
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    Wing Commander Games

    How much money would i get for a fully functional copy of WC4 DVD??? Original of course! :) P.S: I don't want to sell it :) __________________ the largest german Wing Commander Fan Site (no wonder, it's the last one remaining.
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    Wing Commander IV DVD

    Maybe somebody knows how to solve this Problem. I bought A DVD Version for 6$ (hehe). Now i started to play the game and i can view some scenes but not all. When i have to make a decision an error occours. "Movie cannot be found" or something like this. The next movie will be played find...
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    Hello, I'm new here

    i know that i will learn a lot here and iam looking forward to it. I've seen the movie and read all novels except End Run (i haven't got it in German, only in English and it's hard to understand :() And i know every scene from WC3,4 and Prophecy. I don't know all of WC2, because ive only...
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    Hello, I'm new here

    Hi I am also new here, but I am watching to the newest posting every day since about one year. I am also from Austria and a member of so pls don't call me a newbie :). I am a fan since WC3 was released and played all parts except the first one. __________________...