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    It´s "Miss Wing Commander" Vote-time!

    Bah. It looks good and that's about the only reason to like it.
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    Freelancer Questions Thread

    Seems like it will operate similar to Descent.
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    Masters of orion 2

    Dude, that's the worst spelling of Nephilim that I've ever seen...
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    Masters of orion 2

    Both MOO and MOO2 had pirate attacks as random events. And it's M'rrshan.
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    Anyone got the 3ds mesh for the Midway?

    Your post sounds sarcastic. And if you read the whole post, I told you the name of a program called Crossroads.
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    Anyone got the 3ds mesh for the Midway?

    A program. Crossroads will do it; there are others.
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    Anyone got the 3ds mesh for the Midway?

    So? You can convert TrueSpace to 3DS.
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    Where did Bandit get the Vesuvius Specs?

    LOL. Sorry I have to laugh at that. It's all fictional anyway.
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    Anyone got the 3ds mesh for the Midway?

    What the hell are you talking about? WC3D has it. And try looking through the fan projects some have meshes.
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    Anyone got the 3ds mesh for the Midway?

    Check WC3D and WCMDF (links are at the CIC).
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    WC Fans?????

    I'm talking about Star Wars too. And just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. And what critters are you talking about? The only farm we see is a moisture farm, no animals. And they'd probably still use a barn, it just wouldn't look like the barns we have. Have you ever...
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    doh :(
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    WC Fans?????

    It's an expression. And how do you know no one uses a barn anymore? :D
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    WC4 Ships

    Look at the sides of the flight deck. You see those elevators the fighters are on? And below you also say this was an error. We see to runways on the Confederation-class, but they never really say that there are two flight decks or show them. I think you are confused. LOAF said this. You...
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    WC Fans?????

    Han didn't move, Greedo just can't hit the broadside of a barn apparently. Maybe the WC3 scene was funny if you see it...
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    Try they might have something. I got my PS/2 mouse working with a program from them.
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    Does anybody have any...

    One of the FMVs towards the end has a good rear view.
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    Nephilim There's the proof. The Paradise Lost article. Go read!
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    WC Fans?????

    It's not very funny.