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  1. Ripper

    Little question....

    McGruff is a jerk?
  2. Ripper

    Little question....

    Couple reasons. It's easier to look someone up on the member list than through the thousands of posts and threads. You can track your buddies (like McGruff) when they get banned. It's really no biggie. Was just curious why the change. You did well.
  3. Ripper

    Little question....

    Was just wondering, once upon a time, when someone got banned, they were still listed on the member list, along with their little mop bucket avatar. Now, the banned member, (Preacher as an example) is not listed anymore. For instance, McGruff has been banned several times, but is still a...
  4. Ripper

    The Coolest Stickers Ever

    Good stuff, McGruff! And about the Global Warming(tm)... What IS the normal temperature for the planet anyway? Before the Ice Age? During the Ice Age? After the Ice Age? During the Medieval Warming Period? During the Little Ice Age? 300 years ago? Last week...
  5. Ripper


    Welcome aboard, old friend.:D
  6. Ripper

    Laterz, I just seem to be spending 'way more time there anyway. But, as I said, I'll swing by from time to time. I've been getting on the bad side of the mods a lot, and I don't want to get banned. It's all cool.:D
  7. Ripper


    See y'all around. I'll swing by from time to time.
  8. Ripper

    Humor. It is a difficult concept. It is not logical.

    A Story of Creation In the beginning was the word, and the word was God. In the beginning was God, and all else was darkness and void, and without form. So God created the heavens and the earth. He created the sun, and the moon, and the stars, so that light might pierce the darkness. And...
  9. Ripper

    Anyone talking about "irony" will be summarily executed

    Once again, check out "The Right Stuff" for info about Yeager, Crossfield, etc. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HIGH FLIGHT By John Gillespie Magee, Jr. Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of earth And danced the skies on...
  10. Ripper

    New Avatar

    That's what ALL the secret backroom conspirators say.:cool:
  11. Ripper

    New Avatar

    Uhhh.... yeah. But that was only because I had a great big red "I CAN HAVE AN AVATAR NOW!!" put on me by someone else, a Mod, I'm thinking. So I felt some kind of announcement was in order, since I finally figured out how to put one up, and found one I liked. :o This thread, my latest...
  12. Ripper

    New Avatar

    Check out my new avatar. This happened at a high school in Colorado, I think.:mad:
  13. Ripper

    LEGO Aircraft Carrier

    That's just aboard the ship. The barge it's dragging behind it has the other 60 billion sheets.
  14. Ripper


    O.K., I guess it's my fault someone got banned for posting a joke in the joke thread. I should have started a new one sooner. In the past it didn't seem to be a problem for someone to drag up the old thread as long as the joke was funny. Since that doesn't appear to be the case anymore...
  15. Ripper

    Check out my cool new Avatar!!!

    :D Thanks, Death!:D
  16. Ripper

    TRex vision

    Bats have excellent vision. They also navigate by sonar. Maybe a species or two IS blind, but I don't think so. I read a book about bats in grade school.:D It was called "Bats".
  17. Ripper

    Air Force

    Don't forget about the Blackhawks.:(
  18. Ripper

    The Boondocks

    It's blacks calling each other "niggas" and worse, calling white people crackers and honkies, or, you could just listen to Louis Farrakan.(sp?):(
  19. Ripper


    Everything what Psych said, except the part about all recruiters are shitbags. They have the second hardest job in the military, the hardest being Drill Instructors (dealing with the trash what recruiters send). My recruiter never lied to me, and as a matter of fact, that's how he treated...
  20. Ripper

    The Word Game

    Flipper giblets.