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    That's a Capital Idea (February 28, 2007)

    I was just thinking of the same thing while reading the news this morning. Sean seems to be taking the high road with this hole experience. I wish more people in the industry where like him. I really appreciate how he's tying in us "the fans". I've always felt that if you lission to your hard...
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    But Is It Ours? (February 27, 2007)

    Thanks Loaf. :) I do need a present. :D Arena looks pretty cool. Though I know I'm going to miss cockpit view if I do end up getting it.
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    WC1/2 Launch Sequence Inspiration

    Thats really cool. I love the WC1 sequence. I personally think it's the best.
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    Wing Commander Arena

    Check out the WC Arena section that was added to the boards. It's basically Xbox 360's arcade game set in WC universe.
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    But Is It Ours? (February 27, 2007)

    Aww damn. I was going to come onto Wingnut last night but the combo of Work, School, and sick fiancé kept me busy. (I apologize I know this is way off topic..but sense I've been away for some time I just got engaged a few months ago. :) )
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    Hydra Cockpit WIP

    Thats true.
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    Hydra Cockpit WIP

    I like that idea. I also like the idea of having the red lights go on when in a fight.
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    Then What Happened? (May 3, 2006)

    I didn't care much for the Casey clone thing either. The Ghoul idea is neat but Casey killing Casey didn't work for me. The Darkening thing didn't either. I laughed out loud when I read it but I thought they could of done something a lot more useful with it. But over all, it was a good...
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    Shining Movie On A Hill (April 24, 2006)

    I hate critics.
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    Don´t you hate Maniac...

    I always found Maniac entertaining. I liked him throughout the series, especially in the first two games. The only part that I ever hated him somewhat is when I played WC3 for the first time and we discover Hobbes as a double agent. Maniac rants about how he knew Hobbes couldn't be trusted...
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    The Lancelot Flight is the mission that delivered the Temblor Bomb to Kilrah destroying the planet, thus ending the war in victory. If you've played WC3, it's the final mission.
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    Flash died on 2669.244 during the Lancelot Flight I believe.
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    15 Years of Wing Commander - What Was Your First Time Like?

    I was a little younger then LOAF when I had my first Wing Commander experience. I was probably around the age of seven when our local Costco opened. My mom, younger sister, and I were walking around taking a look at the place thinking it was pretty cool sense we live in a small town that was...
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    Goodbye Scotty, may you rest among the stars.....

    I just saw the headline about his passing at work that was on our local county paper while I working on the paper's assembly a few hours ago. It's very sad, he was also one of my favorite all-time Star Trek characters. Rest in peace forever. Semi-off topic: The headline's tittle was "Scotty...
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    Rate these Callsigns

    Yes, short names are usually good. Though, if you’re going to pick your own call sign it may help if you think of something that’s personal. Like a trait or something else that defines you. My call sign, Phoenix, came to me when a friend of mine told me that I have a good ability to bounce...
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    Favorite fighter.

    Yeah I know what you ment, I was just pulling your leg :)
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    Favorite fighter.

    Wow, then it seems like we've degressed from that point. Unless you'd rather choose a shuttle over a Tarsus. I agree, I allways thought that the Arrow was a ok ship, but it was diffently the best light fighter that came out of Confed in a long time.
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    Favorite fighter.

    We're probably the only two people here that feel that way about that old ship. :) That’s too bad they cut that out. I think it would have been cool to have a ship that depended on speed and maneuverability instead of firepower or defenses. But then again, I personally love doing...
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    Online Wing Commander Milestone Reached (May 2, 2005)

    Wow, your on a role :D. Good job with all the work, I can't wait till we someday all play WC games togeather. :)
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    Unable to Install WC5 on Win XP Pro SP2

    I've also got it installed with no problems. Perhapes your disk 1 is damaged. You should probably check it for sctraches or currupt files. For myself, I just go through the insallation fine and have no problems with XP SP2 which is why im guessing its your disk(s).