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    What's the deal with the demo.

    "Demo is all I have played so far (360 is STILL away for repairs)." --. Mine broke the day before the game was released... so I just got my 360 back, and thought I would try out the demo. I was thinking I was the only one here who hadn't tried the demo or bought the game yet. ps. They...
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    What's the deal with the demo.

    I saw 2 sections. 1. A skirmish (that lasted under a minute, my first time trying). 2. A game of asteroids. (that lasted 4 minutes) Am I missing something? Did anybody like this Demo? I see that Loaf wasn't impressed with this Demo, either:
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    Bad Reviews (July 28, 2007)

    I am proud of you guys for mentioning both the positive and negative reviews in the news section. Here is a translation of the french review...
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    TeamXBox Arena review - 7/25/07
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    Wing Commander 3, Generation 4 (May 26, 2007)

    if you're willing to type...
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    Raiders of the Lost Game (May 22, 2007) SEGA GENESIS: WING COMMANDER 2(By Origin/Was supposed to have an DSP-chip in the cart-probable for sprite-scaling)
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    Raiders of the Lost Game (May 22, 2007)

    The first review says "Developed by Origin, Published by FCI". You could try to track down FCI. The second review says it was reviewed by: "Toxic Tommy" from Gamepro. Maybe it's possible to track him down, and ask him about his copy?
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    Raiders of the Lost Game (May 22, 2007)

    One guy is advertising WC2 for sale: However, studying the pictures... it appears the game for sale is called "Wing Commander: Secret Missions". (Mentioned above) Top Game: No...
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    Aegis Wing - Free Game

    Played the game. It reminds me of the NES game called GRADIUS.
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    Do they have a lot of pictures of Emmanuel Lewis on campus?
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    Aegis Wing - Free Game
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    Ace Combat 6 - strike-commander-like?
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    DosBox reached version .70

    EA should re-release a Wing Commander Collection using dosbox or some variant(since it is open source)... WC1-5 on 2 DVDs, $40. With more effort, you could even recompile the 3do version of Wing Commander 1(Super Wing Commander).
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    What a pleasant Surprise!

    "8-bit soundcard... Without Sound" sounds wierd. -- It was either adlib or soundblaster in that day. Adlib had "no speech". I bought the sb for WC2.
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    What is Xbox Live Arcade?

    "Xbox Live Arcade Game Size Limit Triples to 150MB"
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    Use your Xbox 360 joystick on a PC

    I bought the wireless adapter. Works great.
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    What a pleasant Surprise!

    "Twenty megabytes?!" --WC2, right?
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    Use your Xbox 360 joystick on a PC

    "The manuals even confirm that the controller continues to connect wirelessly whilst the plug and play cable is attatched to the 360." -- Maybe that's what the manual says, but "that is incorrect Daniel Jackson". If you have an unsyncronized controller (never presed the 3 arrows)(ie. a new...
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    What a pleasant Surprise!

    I was testing you guys! Just Kidding. Wow. You really know your stuff. WC4 was Released in 1995. Roberts left Origin in 1996. (He may have started work on Prophecy? Unclear) Prophecy was released in 1997. Wing Commander (film) was released in 1999. Electronic Arts closed Origin down...
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    What a pleasant Surprise!

    I don't know if Arena is any good or not. Maybe some others can add to this list. Pros: 1. Most Xbox Live Arcade Games are $8.00. 2. They seem to have done there homework on the WC universe with planes, weapons, and mythology. 3. Laser's and explosions look pretty. 4. Xbox Live. 5...