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    Favorite fighter from WC3\4

    I was always a sucker for the Dragon. Massive firepower, damn good specs, awesome design, unlimited fuel, cloaking ability... it was a dream come true in the beginning of the Post-Kilrathi Empire Era. The Excalibur would be my second favorite but I like the prototype version from WC3 better than...
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    What happened to Origin

    LOAF, I have an idea. It's a longshot but it might work. Approximately how many people do we have in this forum and how many would you say are active members? I know that may be asking alot but work with me.
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    I have a few questions. First of all, I've never been really clear on this. Approximately how big was the Behemoth? Second, how many anti-matter guns and laser turrtes did the Kilrathi dreadnaught from WC3 have on it? Finally, in pure speculation how many guns and what kind of guns do...