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    Pencil Drawn WC Comic Sample Up For Comments (July 4, 2004)

    seems interesting, but I bet i will look really good with colors BTW those must be russian engines "VROOOO" j/k
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    Ship Sprites

    well ir works fine for me, but I have to get use to work with the particle sistem, if you are interesteing in helping me out to continue my work or to start a new one or help each other send me a mail at
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    Ship Sprites

    Im working on a overhard wing commander shoother, but right know is on hold cuase my lack of time, maybe we can join forces and create a great shooter
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    it will take me a long time to get a custom title
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    saving in-flight in wc4

    why dont you try fraps is a Video capture program, it makes great caputes of video games
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    Making WC DVD-case covers (1. try)

    man both look good, can you made a DVD cover for Wing Commander 4 Double SIde DVD edition
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    Kilrathi Special Forces

    LOL those images are funny
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    The Word Game

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    Can you help me out?

    ok psych, np., reading is not the same as writing. peace
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    Can you help me out?

    How many times do I have to said that I'm not a native English Speaker, try to write in my lenguage and see if is EZ. english is not that ez, you write totally diferente from the way you read it, and a lof of stuff are in backwards form my lenguage (SPanish). I dont want to start a fight...
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    Can you help me out?

    I wanted to know is you can help me out with some sound FX, or at least gide me of how to extras sound from the Wing Commander Games
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    My WIP

    I can't see them
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    Broadsword Prototype

    Is there any comparison chart between the Broadsword and the Hornet?, maybe you can help me with that Loaf, I actually need a Size comparison
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    Broadsword Prototype

    well take so anti depressing pills then...... sorry that by spelling is bad
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    Broadsword Prototype

    cool then... I can make the part where you have to get destroy a the WC2 Broadsword Protototy Stoled by the Kilrathi, (Level 3) on wish episode of academy the Broadsword appear
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    Broadsword Prototype

    Wing Commander Movie is Pre Wc1, post Wc1 or parallel, Im asking this stuff coause I dont what to make a mess in the WC time Line in Battle Stations
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    Broadsword Prototype

    to bad there are not images of all of them
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    Broadsword Prototype

    soi the movie Broadsword is before the WC2 Broadsword ?
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    Broadsword Prototype

    Broadsword Prototipe I just wonder wew did the Broadsword inter in servid, and the story of that ship, is there any prototype of it?
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    Music Listening Thread

    you shoud try his site they hel unsinged artis to sell CDs