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    We're Number... Five? (March 31, 2008)

    Since neither of those are Muppets, I'm gonna go with "no."
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    We're Number... Five? (March 31, 2008)

    I believe there are Full-Bodied Muppets. Sweetums, Big Bird, and most of the cast of Dark Crystal come to mind.
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    LEGO Commander

    Niiiiiiiiice..... Are those ldraw models?
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    So I looked at the Jumble in the local paper this morning...

    So I looked at the Jumble in the local paper this morning, and the joke/clue was "What the pilot became when he bought a farm." Naturally, I thought of Christopher Blair. Incidentally, the answer was "GROUNDED"
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    About those WC desktop icons!

    As soon as they release them :-P So you like them? I know the quality isn't that great... I probably could have made them a little better, but I was working with shareware tools :-P I'd really like any feedback you could give me...
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    Questioning the Enterprise premise

    I hate to argue with LOAF since I know he is a veritable fountain of knowledge, but I am 99% certain that the Borg do not identify themselves in Regeneration. They do an abbreviated "resistance is futile" speech, but I don't think they ever say that they are the Borg. Beyond that, I am of...
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    Wing Commander 3 Impossible Mission

    Now, GAd... Don't lie to these nice people. We both know what your real favorite PC game is. :D
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    Favorite Input Devices?

    I've also gone through several sticks... I had a really old 2 button Interact stick to begin with, but it never really worked right. Then we had the 2 button Interact pads... Then the 6 button Interact pad... then the 6 button Interact stick with throttle... (Interact is cheap :p ) I used...
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    Battle of Repleetah

    Thanks, LOAF... that makes sense now...
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    Battle of Repleetah

    Col.Dom: That's pretty close to what I've seen and heard... horrible ground battle, left the planet inhospitable, heavy losses on both sides... Lynx: I did do some looking, but there are literally thousands of threads on the Zone... If someone happens to know the title of the thread...
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    Battle of Repleetah

    I've heard and seen only bits and pieces about the Battle of Repleetah and was curious as to what actually happened and why. I've seen the WCATV ep with it, and remember Dekker mentioning it in WCIV, but aside from that..... Thanks in advance :)
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    Wc fans not liking Freespace.

    Wow, that degenerated fast... Before anyone starts ripping on me, I'll say I'm not purely a WC fan. I'm a fan of space sims. WC is/was an exceptional space sim series that pulled you in via its characters and the audacity of the enemies you were fighting. The draw of the X-Wing series...
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    Wc fans not liking Freespace.

    Wow... Not only is this thread a bad idea, but I think it's against the rules too :p However, having played both series, I can say that they were different enough that nobody copied anyone else... It's just that there are only so many ways you can create a space sim... Both games are...
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    Hawk's WCP Buddy

    How does one get invited to that? :)
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    WC3 novel...

    Ahhhhhh.... I remember now... /*smacks self upside head*/ I should've remembered that...
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    WC3 novel...

    I'm just curious: are Shadow and Spirit the same person? I keep hearing her referred to on this forum as Shadow, yet in all the games I've played, she's Spirit... Odd...
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    Why did you pick your name?

    I know the feeling.. I write for an online club, and they're basically short stories, but I get lazy from time to time and simply don't finish them... Good thing they're not the point of the club :p
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    Why did you pick your name?

    I chose Mountie because I'm a due SOUTH fan and because I've started using it for my callsign in other games. I always used the 'default' Blair and Casey callsigns: Maverick for Blair and Frosty for Casey. At least, I assume that Frosty is the default. :p
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    Favorite CapShip in WC

    (My 1st post.. w00t ^_^) As to favorite capships, I'm going to have to go with the Midway. She's big, powerful looking, and well rendered. :D Going back, the Durango class from IV, the Behemoth from III, the Concordia from II, and the Claw were the best from game to game. I hated the...