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    FPS drop when facing capships/stations

    Thanks for the reply. I upgraded to a GT240. Issues resolved.
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    FPS drop when facing capships/stations

    Is anyone else getting a severe FPS drop (from a steady 60 to 10-15) when they're facing any large ships? It's making some missions almost impossible to play and landings utterly ridiculous. Computer is an i5-750 (4 cores @ 2.66ghz), 4 gigs ram, with a geforce 7800 that can play vanilla...
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    Very quick wc2 question

    If I recall correctly, it's a bug in the game. The "success" and "failure" dialogues were transposed. See, pg 39.
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    About the tractor capability

    exactly. if you buy tractor beam cap for a gun mount, you can then mount a tbeam there, otherwise you couldn't have.
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    Displaying IP Addresses

    yes, but that's admin business, so only admins need see the ip. even then, it should be a function of the forum software [ban ixnaythespammer and all from his ip] without the admins needing to deal with the ip address directly. my main concern would be the possibility of someone getting...
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    Star Wars Viewers: Explain This?

    the star wars technical commentaries are one of the greatest examples of overanalysis i ever saw, esp the referenced page and the "injuries to darth vader and his cause of death" page. the other being the lightsabre page (now offline, wayback archive at...
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    Jazz's death cutscene

    i still say they should have executed jazz in a fitting way - dropping his own piano on him. then he would have been, of course, A Flat Major.
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    Jazz's death cutscene

    right before the nuke goes off, you mean. burn in hell, jazz.
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    Mark Hamill's A Friendly Guy (April 25, 2005)

    what? no 'angel getting gutted by thrak' option? or 'finally getting to ice jazz'?
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    Bring me the head of Major Edmond!

    i had problems like that in the original with prince thrakhath onboard the bonnie heather...
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    that's by no means the 'only' solution. i passed it on my third try with a centurion, 4 autotracking tachs, autotracking protorps, remembering that i could land on the thing to effect repairs, and just doing all the things you have to do in a wing commander defend/escort mission.
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    Questions and things

    i tend to believe the game, not only because it is the game, but also because the novel contains at least one other hobbes-related continuity error.
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    Privateer Remake 1.0 - Bugs

    if rear turrets don't gimbal lock, why should dorsal turrets?
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    tolwyn's cheap shot (wc2 dialogue)

    the person in the academy manual was supposed to be bluehair? (sudden absurd mental image of bluehair in an eyepatch)
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    3rd Oxford Mission

    i've done this with 4x tachs and full loadout of protorps. remember escort mission protocol - stay close to the ship you're escorting and drive off anyone who attacks it. and if you're really in trouble, you can dock with it and at least get repairs done.
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    How good is 1.0?

    on the quality scale of 1-10, this game goes to 11. you have to get used to a new base interface and some ungodly good light fighter piloting. check the bugs thread and see if anything there turns you off. by the way, i and i'm sure several others here have read the novels to death...
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    tolwyn's cheap shot (wc2 dialogue)

    under a strict reading, i think the only thing we can say for sure from this is that vanderman (a couple years later after he was rescued) assumed hunter was dead - nothing definite about people who were actually on the claw when hunter went for that shore leave. (and as i think someone has...
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    Questions and things

    re: blair's mourning - i figure by this point a) on some level he knew it was coming, even likely, and he's lost enough friends and ships to know how to bounce back at least to the level where he can do his job and b) his life and the war have both pretty much gone to hell over the last year -...
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    tolwyn's cheap shot (wc2 dialogue)

    Mordecai: the phrase "Tiger's Claw survivors" is rather debatable. the way doomsday used it "So, here we are… survivors of the Tiger’s Claw. I’m surprised there are so many of us left. Now all we need is Paladin and Maniac so we can all die together." it seems to include himself, jazz, angel...
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    tolwyn's cheap shot (wc2 dialogue)

    wing commander 2, ghorah khar system. tolwyn and paladin discussing matters... first of all, tolwyn of all people shouldn't be referring to claw survivors as 'scarce' - he's on the same ship as most of them! second, is it just me or is this an incredibly cheap thing for him to say? it's...