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    Mythbusters: Wing Commander I Edition (September 18, 2023)

    I could have sworn that my version of WC had that message. Fascinating! Thanks for the investigation!
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    Searching pixel artist for music video

    Hey tarsus! This looks nice but I fear it has too much of a „modern“ vibe to it. Thanks anyway :).
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    Searching pixel artist for music video

    Hey CIC crowd! As some of you may be aware, I am doing some music stuff in my free time. Right now I am preparing the release for my new EP, which especially tackles nostalgia. So I thought: Why not making a Wing Commander 1/2 iinspired music video for this? The problem is: I am not really a...
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    Happy Birthday CIC! (August 10, 2020)

    Happy Birthday and thanks for keeping up the good work! It's good to see that you are still delivering as much content as you are doing! =)
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    Tune in Thursday for ALL WINGS CONSIDERED (February 15, 2019)

    That's a great idea! I won't be able to make it though as it is too late in Germany for that. But I hope it will be a great success! =)
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    Happy 16th Belated Birthday, CIC! (August 17, 2014)

    Happy birthday! I am always happy to see updates here. Keep up the good work :).
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    Wing Commander Music Kickstarter Enters Final Week (March 15, 2014)

    I would love to pledge for this, but I don't know how to pay? I have no credit card, but I could pay with PayPal. However, Kickstarter does not seem to support PayPal. Does anyone have an idea?
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    Privateer 2: Patched version doesn't play music in flight

    Right-click on the EXE-file, click on properties. Open the Compatibility-Tab. There should be an option called compatibility mode or something like that (I only got the German Win-Version here, so I am not sure about the naming). There you can set Windows 95/98. Choose it and hit the ok-button.
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    Hellcat cockpit in the WC2 style

    Still wow! Please continue the technical discussions, they are so interesting. I love reading about byte orders and so on, it's fascinating! Quarto: I love your insights regarding Game Design. I think, it's true, that something was lost during the change to 3D. When I am looking at Rayman...
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    Hellcat cockpit in the WC2 style

    While we are at it: Are asymmetric ships a possibility? Let us just dream a little bit =D. This Hellcat-Import is quite gorgeous!
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    BREAKING NEWS: Academy on GOG! (August 27, 2013)

    I would love to see Standoff and Unknown Enemy as standalone games for free on GOG. That would be awesome :D.
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    BREAKING NEWS: Academy on GOG! (August 27, 2013)

    It's not that surprising. FS2 has a lots of mods and better graphics because of the open source project. I still have my Academy in a box on 3.5" discs. I guess, I will need to re-buy it via GOG, so I can burn it on CD as well :).
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    New music! ...and crowdfunding

    Hey there :)! The last couple of weeks, I worked on my new music-album. I had shared my previous albums with you, so I thought, I let you guys know again, although this album is completely in German. If you have some time left and don't mind the language, you can get a preview here: I...
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    Annual Awards Contest Begins (January 5, 2013)

    Wow, I am nominated again? With those three dead months, this is a suprise. Thank you!
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    Gamestop interview: Chris Roberts: Why I've Come Back to Gaming

    That is exactly what I thought. RSI could refer to Cloud Imperium (Freelancer style) while Star Citizen could be WC.
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    Gamestop interview: Chris Roberts: Why I've Come Back to Gaming

    I still try to wrap my head around the fact, that we are having RSI and Cloud Imperium. Could it be, that this Squadron-based game is only one of perhaps two planned games? Like StarLancer & Freelancer? Or could CI be the multiplayer of Squadron 42? Edit: Squadron 42? That's got to be a working...
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    Gamestop interview: Chris Roberts: Why I've Come Back to Gaming

    Look, it says "hornet light fighter" :).
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    A silly challenge...

    K is for Kilrathi, they sure like to fight L is for Lance, he saved us from the night
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    And another year passes . . .

    Howard: It looks awesome! I would love to do a news-post on Shotglass. Are there any more information regarding the story line or are there some screenshots, I can use?