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    What Wing Commander character are you?

    I guess it would be Tolwyn...since I am ex-military and I like to plan things. Some people may think I am more like Seether:) but old age will do that to you:) MNelson
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    WC4 endings

    WC 4 Endings I got the Blair as an Admiral ending which I was satisfied with. I lernt form the AF in RL that being a flight instructor is not that good of a career move. I know one of the loosing endings with where Tolwyn does attack the UBW but what is the other one? Please don't say...
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    Who do u like blowing out of the sky?

    Fighting Tolwyn It seems to me that Tolwyn is alittle old for being a fighter pilot. He was a pilot once but since he became an admiral he would not be flying. His reaction time has slowed plus he probably doesn't have time to maintain currency in fighters and let's face it pulling positive...
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    In RL the ranks are flag ranks after Col. which is your last senior rank: AF/Army/Marines Navy Col. Capt. Brig. Gen Rear Adm. (Lower Half) Maj. Gen Rear Adm. (Upper Half)...
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    WC3 and WC4 Books

    About Those Books Milliz, By all means get the books. If you can get the complete series. They are excellent and give so much background materialeven though they do differ some from the games. The additional characters are great and the interaction and action the best They are mostly...
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    Wing Commander RPG's

    RPG You would certainly be welcomed to our RPG at We have two divisions: a European and an American due to timezone spread. This way we can have two ships and more members can participate. MNelson
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    WC4 ending

    Me Too! I got the Admiral ending which suited me just fine. I would rather be making combat strategy and tactics decisions rather than being a flight know "those you can't teach.":) Anyway that meant the Dragons were still operational and the BL had been purged of its bad...
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    Who is most evil?

    It's Gotta Be ... It's gotta be the bugs. They do not communicate. They are completely alien do not want to do anything but kill and maim.
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    WC CCG cards...

    CCG Extras If anyone is looking for cards, please email me. I have a drawer of extras and maybe I might have the card you need. I have the complete set of cards so I do not need these and will be glad to give you any of the extra cards that you need. MN
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    my comp wont take screenshots.

    DUPE SHOT Why LOAF, Don't you know that great minds think alike:) MN
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    my comp wont take screenshots.

    About Those Pic's I will try and get a better FP picture this week-end. I found that shot of Pliers looking at one before he dropped it on the WCIV DVD. I will screen capture it this week end:) MN
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    PETITION: Wing Commander Music CD?

    WC CD I would like to get CD's of the music from all of the WC games. At the moment I have been playing the midis and the mp3's that are posted in the files section and really do enjoy them. I got the WCP CD and sorry to say that music hurts my ears:( Bring on the music from WC 1-4:)...
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    Birthday Salute

    Your LOAFness A BIG HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY From your Friends over at May You have many more and remember 365 1/4 days left till you are LEGAL...The Countdown begins:) MNelson
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    Trading of the CCG cards

    Re: Re: Have Two Cards _Eleazar I'm surely interested :D - end me an email with your adress. I do the same and we're on the way. Respectfully, Eleazar [/B] Yo Eleazar, I tried to get your e-mail addy by clicking on your profile and it said you did not wish e-mail through the...
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    Trading of the CCG cards

    Have Two Cards _Eleazar Eleazar, I have two of the cards you desire: 1. Thunderbolt VII Elite Tsunami Squadron 2. Strakha - Dark Inquisitor Squadron Would you be interested in trading those for the CONFED - Luck - Skillful use of decoys card? MN [Edited...
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    Trading of the CCG cards

    Good Idea See TC, I DID have a good was just a late bloomer:) MN
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    Trading of the CCG cards

    Have Two of Your Cards - Jetlag Yo Jetlag, I have the Capt. Eisen and the Xilerks "Nikodaemus" Kira cards if you still need them. BTW, I need CONFED LUCK: Skillfull use of missile decoys and then I will have the complete set. MN [Edited by RAMROD on 04-04-2001 at 00:26]
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    New Auctions E-Bay - Kilrathi Saga

    Auctions I am glad tho see the auction information. Not all of the time do I have time to check EBAy and these little notes have given me an opportunity to bid of things I would have not known about otherwise. CIC, please keep posting the auction information. That is how I found out about KS...
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    Tolwyn's silly cape in WC2

    About That Cape Orders of Knighthood do have capes/robes but these are only worn for special events. I find it surprising that since Sir Geoffrey was a Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath that he does not wear the Star of the Order on his uniform. I will have to find a picture of the...