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    Classification of TCS Eisen

    Plus, escort carriers have smaller budget and expensive equpment is used by those ships wich have reserved more money. What else do we know about Eisen? Wich fleet she was part of and were there any special missions for her?
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    And Sivar 1 was seen somewhere else then?
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    When and How you heard or saw something about WC for the first time?

    First encounter with WC was when WC1 came. I read it from Finnish gaming magazine and decided get that game. Naturally i copied WC1 from frend, but never got it working. Second encounter with WC1 was years later...
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    Happy Birthday Loaf!

    Congratulations! (How old is he anyway?)
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    I´m curious. Where was Sivar II seen and why it so small?
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    Hey, It's Favoire CrapFighter(tm) time!

    Hate list: WC1: Scimitar WC1SM1:Dralthi (fun to fly but they retried scim so they have to make new crap fighter to game) WC2: EPEE (Oh, that pain. I newer learned to fly it. ) WC2SO1&2:CROSSBOW (Give me my old Broadsword back! ) WC3: HELLCAT (I too ether Arrow or Thunderbolt, hellcat was...
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    For the Gents

    There is definetly some resemblance. I think it is beacuse that smile but i never know was Flint written to be that way or was it just bad acting... Angel: My favourie. Best drawn in WC2. WC3 Angel was nice, but not quite what i had in mind...
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    Capship weapons

    In conventional naval sense frigates were upgraded corvettes and their mission was to patrol around convoys for submarines. They were never intented to hot battle aganst surface fleet and destroyers were ment to cannonfodder in naval war. I assume that torpedos could be fitted to smaller ships...
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    Size of the Behemoth?

    Just think about tiamat. What if it is Nephilim version of Behemoth? Could many Tiamats blow planet away like B did?
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    Weight matters in space?

    No beacuse those things don´t appeal to masses. Realistic space flight can be made enjoyable like in I-war but those sounds had to stay beacuse no-one likes to play with sound off. Also in future space ships will probably have also sound based information system so crew can hear whats happening...
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    Kilrathi Mythology

    But Sivar could be female. Remember that in Indian mytology Kali goddess of death is female.
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    WCP story continuation

    That´s right. I too didn´t like Epee but in WCA i flow solo filght aganst five morningstars to protect two frendlity freighters and i shot them down all with freighters intact. This was modified version on WCA and those morningstars were with improved ´Drakkhai´ AI. Ferret were just too small...
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    Do you think it was correct that Confed destroyed Kilrah?

    Lets just hope we get those to here too. If i recall correctly dr Who was only of those who was seen here. US series and movies are just more cheaper and TV programs are sold in packages rather than independent movies. So if you by one good movie you got to by five poor movies too.
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    Do you think it was correct that Confed destroyed Kilrah?

    I would really want to see non-US made scifi serie someday. ST,B5,WC, they are all based on United states culture and beliefs and are primarly targeted to english speaking watchers. If for example: Frances TV producs space opera serie it would be based on whole diffrent culture and ideas. And of...
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    Bangusetsu CIC

    That would be nice
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    Favorite Anime?

    Yes Meson, EVAs theme is wery compelling. I have seen whole serie and movie and i think that main problem is that series creator didn´t take his medication during of making end of serie. It took me while to accept the ending. Beginning of serie was like any other Mecha-anime but towards the end...
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    Bangusetsu CIC

    Unlike others I think this is quite good joke. Topics talking about WC start bit too often wander beacuse most major questions are talked around quite few times. Still this could be hell to those who hate Love Hina...
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    Favorite Anime?

    Zankokuna Tenshi no Teeze (Thesis of a Cruel Angel) Neon Genesis EVANGELION opening theme (1995): zankokuna tenshi no youni shounen yo shinwa ni nare Like a cruel angel, boy, become a legend aoi kaze ga ima mune no doa wo tataitemo watashi dake wo tada mitsumete hohoenderu anata sotto...
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    and, SQ

    PS2 should have enough punch to good grapics although Xbox does have it too and Xbox games can be modified to work in PC. I´m pretty shure that Xbox emulator will surface in matter of years.
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    When will the Kilrathi be eliminated?

    Remember that after WCP Kilrathi have to join their efforts or end being nothing more than battlefield. Their inner colonies are probably scorched badly and ships destroyed so Kilrathi genocide would be easy to Neph or Mantu. After all planet-based battle isn´t fun aganst invading fleet.