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    Wrath of Khan

    Federation torpedoes are more powerful then Klingon? I always believed (and still do to this day), that the Reliant's torp slammed into the engineering section on the starboard side as there is a load of damage there. Also, remember the Enterprise is still shaking during the scenes wherethe...
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    Morningstar or Sabre?

    The only game that gave me any experience with these planes was Standoff and in that game the Morningstar was the better plane. However, I still voted Sabre because of the whole multifunction theme it has going for it and its look. If this were my fleet, I could load the Sabre up with torpedoes...
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    How are you guys doing?

    Hey guys, Just wondering, how are you guys doing with the game?
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    BREAKING NEWS: Wing Commander Arena Announced! (February 22, 2007)

    Next question: Will this be out on PC?
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    X-Wing Collecter's CD-ROM and Abandon Loader

    Hello, I just downloaded Abandon Loader with the intent of loading and playing the origional X-Wing Collecter's CD-Rom, not the X-Wing '95 game. When I started it up though, it told me there was not enough memory. Where do I go from here?
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    Clear Flight Deck For Combat Launching Sequence (January 28, 2007)

    Hot! Absolutely hot! I love the color scheme.
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    Word 2003

    First thing I did was reinstall and I still can't get it to work.
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    Wing Commander model

    Excellent work. The website is a little tough to work with; not all of the prices are clear.
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    Word 2003

    Hello, I am having a little problem with my Microsoft Word 2003 word processor. I double click to start it, the spash screen comes up, and the program does not load. Ctrl-Alt-Del does not get rid of it, and, while I can run other programs, the splash screen still remains there. Can anyone help...
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    WC Carrier question

    carrier design In all likelihood, it started out with a desire to help the player connect better to the game. The Wing 3 carrier looks like it was designed to resemble a WW2 carrier. This resemblance may have been done for purposes of a theme as Wing 3 combat missions do vaguely resemble Allied...
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    WC's best fighter and bomber of all time

    I've only played Wings 1 and Secret Ops on SNES and Wings 3 and 4 on Playstation, but I have to say the best fighter is the Vindicator and the best Bomber in the Longbow of Wing 3.
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    Privateer: Ascii Sector

    This looks really cute. Keep it up!
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    Read this before reading Confed Vengeance

    Regarding "Confed Vengeance", I hope to see more of it. The plot sounds great.
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    Gold Codec

    Hello, I accidently downloaded a spyware/pop-up program named "Gold Codec"; a Trojan designed to look like a media program and I acan not remove it. Can someone help me? Thanks
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    Finally, a news update

    On an unrelated note: Is there any chance you guys can build a mission creator for this game?
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    Simulator crash

    No problem
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    Simulator crash

    Hello. I haven't heard from anyone regarding my problem with the sim and mission crashes lately. Is there anything I can do to help find out what is wrong? Thanks
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    Simulator crash

    Nothing. I downloaded a new copy of Flight Commander 1.4 and installed it. When I went to the sim, it started up and played one mission. I exited the program thinking my problem had solved itself, but when I reloaded it the same problem happened again.
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    Succesfull failure

    Marc, this is a beautiful piece; in fact, I believe it is one of your best. I hope to see more of your work.
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    Simulator crash

    I do not recall making any edits. I'm going to uninstall it, download another copy of 1.4, and install that, just to be sure.