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    Happenin' Pad (December 18, 2008)

    I thought about setting something up through CafePress but ended up going to Kinkos for expediencies sake. It cost about $10 or $11, although I did have to make them print it up twice since they didn't cut it straight the first time.
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    THAT'S what I call a WC Auction!

    I'm sorry LeHah, I figured you had everything you could want already. :( I would think most of those long in tooth around here would have much larger collections than mine...
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    THAT'S what I call a WC Auction!

    Whoops, you're right. Thanks for bringing that to my attention...
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    THAT'S what I call a WC Auction!

    If anyone from UE complains I will remove it from the auction but since I won't have Secret Ops any more I figured I'd throw that in for free (along with the animated series). If you check the bonus section WC and Privateer (w/ Righteous Fire) are included in the auction. It was a hard decision...
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    The Battlestar Galactica Thread

    As in regards to the Cylon/baby scene I think you've pretty much established what that scene was supposed to portray (how well that was done seems debatable). Right after you hear the baby's neck snap you see momentary surprise on the Cylon's face, I believe alluding to the fact that she was...
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    The Word Game

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    Contest! Artists apply here! Win a CIC pen and stuff!

    But you "drew" them yourself, or did you get them somewhere? They're pretty cool, btw
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    Contest! Artists apply here! Win a CIC pen and stuff!

    Are you looking for anything similar to these? I pulled these screenshots from Cameron Wu's rotation test that was posted on the CIC in Jan or Feb. I should think if asked he wouldn't mind letting you use them.
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    Question for all you Wing Commander nuts

    What are the system requirements? I couldn't find any specs on the Freelancer site...
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    eehh, just get broadband and you don't have to worry about that ;)
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    Contest! Artists apply here! Win a CIC pen and stuff!

    Hehe, I retract my earlier statement about us having the same idea, Lehah. I could only imagine how difficult that must've been, makes one wish one knew how to do that polygon-rendering-texturizing-kinda stuff. Thanks, Preacher :) Filler, How did you get the symbols you're using in your...
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    Contest! Artists apply here! Win a CIC pen and stuff!

    Thank you :) Lehah, that was the same idea I had originally (with a ship jumping in), lol, but I couldn't pull it off. The font in my banner is Vibrocentric, I was trying to choose the Viner ITC (Kilrathi) font but screwed up, chose the former, and thought it looked good...
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    Contest! Artists apply here! Win a CIC pen and stuff!

    Sorry, nothing like those last minute entries to throw the odds all to hell :p
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    Contest! Artists apply here! Win a CIC pen and stuff!

    With nothing to do at 2am this morning I decided to give this contest a go. Without further ado:
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    Ahhh the beauty of combat...

    Every time I get to the last mission in WCP I see how many kills I can get before I run out of time and have to blow up the last tower, before all of your wingmen die. So far my highest has been 82 (but usually only after playing that mission one or two times before hand to "get in the rhythm"
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    Anyone got Pictures

    You are Jack's exact counter-part :)
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    Technical Issues

    doh! no good, still gives me the same error message
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    Technical Issues

    when I try to run ue in D3D I keep getting a "(GL:resize query failed)" error message although it does run it in software mode, any idea what can be causing this problem?
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    Help save Farscape.

    I signed but deep down I'm still hoping it's a frelling joke... Here's another good site to check out about saving Farscape: