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    CatFreak in Every Game?

    Iceman did make a couple of comments on the subject, I'd say he counts.
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    Collateral Damage :Border World Fighter POLL!!!!

    I'll vote Stinger, I really can't see the other names aside from Viper really sticking, and like my girl said, "a viper looks kinda like a Ferret with three wings".
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    would you buy small model WC starfighters?

    Sounds good to me. I would likely buy some. Think we could write up a unit set for emlia? It's a really good open wargaming system that I think we could do WC with really well, without the constraints of Full Thrust or Starmada. I gather we'd still be left scratchbuilding capships, but that's...
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    Speed Runs

    Some notes on WC1 Missions and Series: Enyo: There's really only one way to do this: get two VPs from Enyo 1 (go to nav 2 and land is probably fastest). Get all 9 VPs from Enyo 2 (touch both navs and make sure the drayman gets out). McAuliffe: This one sucks. Again, touch a nav point and...
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    Speed Runs

    Okay...I know it's been a while since I've been here, but I'm shocked no one has ever really gotten into this. Why no WC speed runs? Admittedly, the later WC games don't seem that speed-runnable. They're really less about the gameplay and more about the cutscenes. The most obvious game to do...
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    I need a made-up name for a Kilrathi pilot.

    I believe Shah'hri Karin is within the canonical naming conventions. Sounds Kilrathi enough to me at any rate. They called him "The Tiger". I used him a lot in a forked universe for a while, a long time ago.
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    What would you REALLY do in Wing Commander

    Explorer captain, for sure - because you really have to be a jack of all trades to pull it off, and that's just my nature. One part tech, one part combat pilot, one part fast talker - sure, you're not flying the hottest thing in the military, but it's not like you have to take on half a Kilrathi...
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    Editing / Modding Tools - WCSecret Ops

    It's sad to see what the WC community has sickens me, really. LOAF...for everyone who has called you a Nazi in the past, I say this. LOAF, you're a damn bloody Nazi.
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    Dead Fan Projects

    Just so you know I'm going to speak for Spiritplumber when I say WCU is still Alpha. Version 1.0 was a mistake on our part and we really don't feel it was a "release", we're simply coinciding our version numbers with Priv Remake because we use the same base mod package.
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    GeForce vs Radeon

    As a designer of custom systems I'm going to have to put in my vote for GeForce as well. Ironically, I run a Radeon in both of my own boxes, but they're budget cards to the extreme (9600SE and 9200 Mobile respectively). The reasoning? While ATI has more raw power in its video cards, those guys...
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    How can you guys call this easy?

    They do when they actually hit anything, yeah. :p
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    Matter/Anti-Matter Power Plant

    Pretty much, in anything running the Vision engine I've always seen my afterburners, rather than my shields, as an indication of my overall health. Seriously. :p
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    WC1 Era Kilrathi Corvettes?

    You make an excellent point when you say most ships that appear in the games are not new when they do so. I will definitely start downloading those Acadamy episodes, and try to find a copy of Action Stations, so I can properly handle the early war theatre.
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    [REQUEST] WCU Splash Screen

    Yeah, so instead of transporting cargo containers it's hauling a tank. Is it so hard to believe it can haul fuel?
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    WC1 Era Kilrathi Corvettes?

    You have a good point, I always look at WC1 as "early war" because of us not having any more information about it, but in reality that would most definitely be midwar. Are there any major sources of info about the war before WC1, besides, IIRC, Action Stations which I have not yet read?
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    College life question

    I'm leaning towards 2 or 3...the last thing this planet wants is one more long commuter. Besides, with fuel costs only going up, you're probably saving money in the long run.
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    WC1 Era Kilrathi Corvettes? I guess Kamekhs are the canon corvette even in the early war setting? Hmm...I can do with that. :)
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    WC1 Era Kilrathi Corvettes?

    Do any exist, mentioned in a book I haven't read, or SWC, or anything similar? A quick browse through the Ships Database yielded nothing so I figured I'd just post to see if any were known to be in service.
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    Landreich Republic

    Okay. Thanks for the bit of info, I read Fleet Action and don't remember any mention of them (but you did say it was brief), but I haven't read False Colours yet. Once I get my hands on a copy of that (I try every used bookstore I see, still no luck, my library scored a copy of Fleet Action)...
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    Landreich Republic

    I'm SURE I remember a bartender mentioning it...still, instead of bashing me, some information would be nice...