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    Lord British needs back ups.

    And expensive. Does anyone here have a few million US dollars?
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    I think I forgot a step, but my turkey came out ok.
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    What? No Watson's Disease??

    Give the ones you love a disease today!
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    Tarawa vs. Victory

    I presumed each carrier had an equally-experienced, average crew, taking in to account that the crews we see may not be the crews taking part in the conflict.
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    What was your first Wing Commander experience?

    WC1 as a part of the WC1/Ultima 6 package deal!
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    Sivar Eshrad

    The Kilrathi date could easliy be calculated. 365 is exactly 555 in base 8. If we take the Terran year and Kilrathi year to be about the same, give or take a few minutes, as the manual seems to indicate.
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    Tarawa vs. Victory

    The battle would be close all the way to the end, but I think the Vicotry would come on top. Both carriers have comparable compliments, speed, and weaponery. Being a dedicated carrier, the Victory was built to take more pounding, which would give it the edge to pull out the victory. This...
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    Curious about the Krant is the CIC page for the Krant. The krant entered services before the terran-kilrathi war, according to the page. I don't have my manuals with me to verify.
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    I Just Downloaded Wing Commander IV

    You could always order one from The future is now.
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    Transformers movie

    The movie was fantastic. I plan on seening it again. As for movie two, Michael Bay mentioned in an interview that the Constricons and the Dinobots will be in movie two. With more moneyas well, TF2 should be much better. The new series is somethign elsethough. The "anime" shaded designs...
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    Why skids?

    Ince Wing Commander has both types of landing gear, It seems that each gear style is used where they would be most appropriate to the type of craft. Skids have the added advantages during launch. They can be easily magnetized, and therefore fit better into magnetic levitation catipults then...
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    Japan To Create New Universe

    First, the guys at CERN have to discover the Higgs field. That won't happen until sometime next year (everyone thinks). RIght now, all the talk about it is theoretical.
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    New definition of planet

    Source: The Pluto-Charon sytem will now be called a doube planet.
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    Academy cartoon and Payback

    I just think it is just environmental related. Most of the characters come from different planets, with different climates and conditions.
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    The WC interactive Flash navigation map

    Load error. It tells me that I need Flash 7, which I have Flash 8. Otherwise, this is great.
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    Hyperspace - It is real!

    Report: Now that will be something if it true.
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    Scientists Discover 10th Planet's Moon

    Moons are a dine a dozen. They're nothing special. Cool discovery though.
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    Hurricane Katarina

    Mississippi is not under 19 feet of water, and turned into a lake.. New Orleans is/has. That's why. It's not that the people in other areas need help. It's that at least they can stay dry, make fires to cook, stay warm and make somewhat drinkable water, etc. Those in places like New Orleans...
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    Large New World Discovered Beyond Neptune

    If anything gets space exploration going, it will be the X-Prise. They changed it to an annual race, which will start in 2007. The race could be what we need.