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    I've Got that Sinking Feeling (November 10, 2010)

    It may be my imagination, or the difference in camera angle/resolution/lighting/etc, but the figure on the right doesn’t look big enough to be John Rhys-Davis. My guess is that this is a 'proof of concept' image of some sort, or something similar, with stand-ins in place of the actors.
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    5 Best Pc Games According to you..

    5. Commander Keen 1 (good to see so many Keen fans here!) 4. Hidden and Dangerous 3. Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2. Star Trek: Judgment Rites 1. X-Wing This list is Wing Commander exempt. I’ve also only included games that I played on the PC specifically. Knights of the Old Republic...
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    Dragon Con 2009

    I shall look forward to photos of the CIC's triumphant return next year then! Why no photo’s of ’07?
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    Dragon Con 2009

    When did you guy's last go? The photo galleries on the CIC only go up to 2006. It always looks like so much fun...
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    Best Wing Commander Add-On

    They're in there. Pages 26 and 27. Like Loaf sugested, they are seperate from the main pilot profiles.
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    Best Wing Commander Add-On

    I wonder why not? Its not like there would have been insufficiant space on the CD. The manual even includes pilot profiles for Jazz and Doomsday as I recall.
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    Technosaurs: Locked and Loaded (July 20, 2008)

    Heres hoping you guys find WC2 SNES ;) WC3 Saturn would be cool as well, as would anything to do with Strike Commander 2
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    Our new 3D printer

    With your model open, go to either 'save as' or 'save copy as' (can't remember which) in the file menu and then change the file type to jpeg/gif/bmp/whatever. You will get a picture of whatever orientation your model is in at the time.
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    Xbox360 Controllers and DOSbox?

    Hi there, I know a few people on here have Xbox360's and I know even more people use DOSbox. I'm wondering if anybody knows how well, if at all, Xbox 360 controllers work with DOSbox. Anybody tried this? Does anybody know if they work with prophecy/Kilrathi Saga/WCIV95? Cheers
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    Favorite Game of All Time!!!!

    Flashback was indeed an excellet game, much better than Another World (Out Of This World) which came before it. I never did finish it back in the day, so I recently dug my old megadrive out just to beat it. Its official sequel 'Fade to Black' was good too. Some of my favourites would be...
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    Enterprise Officially Cancelled

    I thought that twist was kind of cool. It implied that the Borg the Federation faught at wolf 359 in 'The Best of Both Worlds' where heading to Earth to make contact with the Borg from that Enterprise episode, who where stranded in the the past as a result of something Picard and crew would not...
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    TThe last FMV

    I read on Gamespot that EA has recently announced a new Red Alert game, I really hope that it has FMV, it wouldnt be the same without it....
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    The silliest callsign

    When I first played Wing Commander 2 all those years ago I used 'Maverick' as my callsign. Since then its been all sorts of things but eventually I settled on 'Too Cool', which I somtimes shorten in silly little ways such as 'II Cool' or '2 Kewl'.
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    Star Wars original cover (VHS)

    There’s supposedly some big press embargo in effect to prevent anyone from mentioning the changes until after a set date. The entire of the new Emperor scene from Empire Strikes Back is out there now. Its terrible.
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    Q about Maniacs sign

    Do all the Pilots in the Wing Commander movie have nose art?
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    HALO Fans!

    I liked Halo but some of the levels are terrible, especially 'The Library'. That one was just the same thing over and over again, it got very boring. Halo Co-op is fantastic though
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    Star Wars original cover (VHS)

    I heard something similar, about Lucas allowing the Revenge title to leak out even after he had changed it to help spot dodgy merchandise.
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    Star Wars original cover (VHS)

    Thats entirely possible, and I'm praying its the case. Im also preparing myself for the worst though. I figure if I expect these DVD's to contain a new, god awful Hayden Christensen-afied version of Star Wars, then I wont be dissapointed if they do (and I'll use the £35 I was going to spend on...
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    Star Wars original cover (VHS)

    Theres a clip of that doing the rounds too, its from Luke and Vader's duel on the Death Star. Every time the angle changes, Vader's saber changes from red to pink. It looks terrible. I think a lot of people are going to be a bit dissapointed with these DVD's if this stuff isnt fixed. From...
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    Star Wars original cover (VHS)

    Your probably right. Im fairly certain theat clip has come from inside Lucasfilm, or at least I would be if it didnt look so half arsed. Would a professional film studio like Lucasfilm really put out something that looked so bad? Actually, yeah. I think they would....