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  1. NuAngel

    WC3 Review Covers PSX Highs and Lows (January 12, 2019)

    Hey guys! I'm the editor of the video, thanks for sharing the post! :) I was hesitant to call the Hobbes footage a "bug" in my video, because I always thought there were other choices that lead to the clip being left out, but recent research (Wikipedia) seemed to call it a bug! I knew I...
  2. NuAngel

    1999 Chris Roberts WC Movie interview unearthed

    A 1999 GameSpot UK interview with Chris Roberts was originally linked from the CIC (, but the URL has since disappeared. Thanks to's WayBack Machine, we can read the classic Wing Commander Movie interview as it once...
  3. NuAngel

    Wing Commander 3 Free on Origin

    I just noticed the same thing and came to spread the news! You beat me to it! :)
  4. NuAngel

    Wing Commander Music Kickstarter Hits $10,000 (February 27, 2014)

    I should've read the clarifications more closely, thanks Chris! I may just have to upgrade my pledge, tonight!!
  5. NuAngel

    BREAKING NEWS: George Oldziey Launches Wing Commander Music Kickstarter! (February 20, 2014)

    As someone who has a producer credit on a couple of albums out there and who has done mixing/mastering for others, I can say that if all we get in the end is 9 minutes worth of music, I'm going to mix and loop the tracks into 3x their normal length. Similar to how it was done in the game...
  6. NuAngel

    Wing Commander Music Kickstarter Hits $10,000 (February 27, 2014)

    Backed @ $20. He needs... some kind of $75 level - where you get the digital download as soon as it is available, AND the CD whenever it is finally released.
  7. NuAngel

    BREAKING NEWS: Wing Commander Armada on GOG (November 21, 2013)

    For added convenience, I have added support for voice chat to my server. I have also added additional "ClassicGamingArena" servers for other game-server hosting. I think it's a neat project, and even though it doesn't get used very much, I think it's nice to have some serves available for...
  8. NuAngel

    Xbox 360 Controller Guides?

    You rock, thanks! I'll check that out!
  9. NuAngel

    BREAKING NEWS: Wing Commander Armada on GOG (November 21, 2013)

    I didn't bother to set up the voice chat, but I think it's just as simple as unblocking the port if you guys want it? I didn't look in to it.
  10. NuAngel

    Xbox 360 Controller Guides?

    Over the years, I have fallen in love with the Xbox 360 controller. I remember trying to play Wing Commander on my SNES and just hating all of the button combos I had to do in order to get anything done. Although I'm sure the PC versions of the games will of course require keyboard...
  11. NuAngel

    BREAKING NEWS: Wing Commander Armada on GOG (November 21, 2013)

    I have created a "classic gaming arena" server at - in the CGA list of servers it is named "WC Armada." If any of you have a chance to give it a try, let me know how it works, if there are any bugs. I probably won't have a chance to even check it out until this weekend at the...
  12. NuAngel

    BREAKING NEWS: Wing Commander Armada on GOG (November 21, 2013)

    Does Armada have a server? I remember many games that came later (think Quake, Half Life, Unreal etc...) had stand alone server consoles that could be launched even if you weren't in the game. I would be glad to run a community server on my 35x3Mbps connection (upgrading next year to 50x5)...
  13. NuAngel

    Wing Commander Armada on

    I don't even mind that I paid full price for the games up until now. For me, supporting Wing Commander and initiatives like GoG is worth it!
  14. NuAngel

    BREAKING NEWS: Wing Commander Armada on GOG (November 21, 2013)

    Ten days ago I updated the Armada "request" thread with a plea to cure my OCD needs. GoG Gods have answered. Although I'm beyond 100% positive that talks were under way long before I mentioned it here, I like to think that my nearly four year campaign for Wing Commander games on GoG is finally...
  15. NuAngel

    Suggestions on digitizing WC4 trailer from 35mm film

    I'm curious if calling a local television station, particularly a "PBS" station, if you asked them if they could help you with a small project like this, what they would say? 35mm could potentially be digitized to much higher than even current HD specs. 4K here we come!?
  16. NuAngel

    The Darkest Dawn is Cleared for Launch

    Installed on a computer with Microsoft Security Essentials with no problem. I will try to find time to install it on my computer with ESET's NOD32 this weekend. FYI, my seeding ratio is at 2.3, with over 7.6 GB uploaded. And counting. NuAngel
  17. NuAngel

    The Darkest Dawn is Cleared for Launch

    I'm seeding now, and will continue to seed, probably through most of the weekend. My downloads only averaged about 400K, but I'll take it, considering shows my timewarner upstream bandwidth is less than 1mb, so I'll only be contributing like 40K/sec to the uploads. But I'll do my...
  18. NuAngel

    The Darkest Dawn is Cleared for Launch

    Downloading the GamersHell Torrent right now. Will also gladly mirror if needed. I can provide roughly a terrabyte of bandwidth each month - might not be much, but it could help. Let me know. :) Super excited. I've also noticed that the post says the game runs on top of the Freespace 2...
  19. NuAngel

    Meet TNC's Star Anchor (February 14, 2012)

    I find it far too funny that this was jsut posted a few days ago, and today I saw an infomercial for some prostate care suppliment when I turned on my TV. I knew the woman looked familiar. I recognized her INSTANTLY, and had to doubt myself into verifying, after a moment of "no, it can't...
  20. NuAngel

    Amazon's Academy Price Increased (February 5, 2012)

    Very glad I got my preorder in! Now if only it were here in my hands. It'll sit right next to Space Above and Beyond.