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  1. Zor Prime

    So... Good Day

    This is really fantastic! It speaks volumes about the livelihood of this community. I guess I am going to have to go read all the WC books again! @Bandit: Thanks for all the hard work you put into this community. Because of what you and others at the CIC we get treasures like this. I haven't...
  2. Zor Prime

    We Need You! (April 23, 2008)

    Here's a good article about older IBM 9 track tapes.
  3. Zor Prime

    We Need You! (April 23, 2008)

    Found this for the EXATAPE. Pulled it off an ebay auction. This looks like the right drive for that tape. (EXB-8500 or EXB-8500c)...
  4. Zor Prime

    Is CIC the only place where Arena gets positive feedback?

    Just give it a chance and see what happens.
  5. Zor Prime

    Introducing the Wing Commander Facebook Group

    Finally got around to creating a Wing Commander Facebook group. Anyone can join. Name: Wing Commander Combat Information Center URL: Have fun and be merry!
  6. Zor Prime

    EA Replay- anyone have it?

    It's still pretty hard to send comms while actually in combat. I must say though, the game is just as aggravating as I remeber it eing on the snes. But even though, it's still fun to play. Chris is right though, play it for an hour or so and the controls become second nature. My only...
  7. Zor Prime

    Bad Privateer 2 Files - HELP!

    You might want to PM a mod and ask.
  8. Zor Prime

    I am begging, Please!!!!

    That sucks. I bet you can imagine how I felt when I broke my CD1 of Kilrathi Saga. Seriously, read the rules before you click 'I Agree'. And just buy a new copy of the game. It's not that big of a deal. Not like we're talking $300 bucks here :rolleyes:
  9. Zor Prime

    Has anyone ever seen Battlefield Earth?

    Xenu can fall in a well, then die in a fire. Lets just say the movie was supposed to be in two parts. And....only one came out. You get the picture.
  10. Zor Prime

    Has anyone ever seen Battlefield Earth?

    Read the book, its 100 gazillion times better.
  11. Zor Prime

    Nephilim Tiamat, or WC rip-off

    Long lost relative perhaps?
  12. Zor Prime

    Nintendo UK magazine

    I love stupid people. They make me smile.........right before i kill them.......
  13. Zor Prime

    Thoughts on Prophecy Advance...

    It only changes targets when the current target leaves the field of view.
  14. Zor Prime

    Thoughts on Prophecy Advance...

    Thats correct, you can't lock on to a target. The only way to cycle through the targets is to move your cockpit so the fighter you want to target is the only one on the screen, which isn't too hard.
  15. Zor Prime

    Thoughts on Prophecy Advance...

    All in all they did a great job. The game box has earned a spot on my wall of game boxes/stuff!
  16. Zor Prime

    Thoughts on Prophecy Advance...

    Well, I bought Prophecy right after it came off the truck at my local gamestop today, and read the instruction book while I sped home. So far to me, the game is amazing for a GBA port. I'm higly impressed with the quality that they were able to port to the handheld, and with a GBA:SP you can...
  17. Zor Prime

    Can The Drednaught Die?

    When you kill the Dread. more corvettes and such jump in until you loop back around to where another dreadnaught jumps in. I got bored one day so I used the cheat code that destroys al enemy ships to see just how many there were... lets just say that I went on doing that and having more...
  18. Zor Prime

    The price for each retail Wing Commander 4!

    Right there! May 2nd news update. :)
  19. Zor Prime

    Power Rangers

    Definately not. They've gotten more rediculous.