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  1. Claymore

    Planet Nine Might be a Black Hole (Did the Wing Commander Movie Predict This?)

    Hello WC community, Scientists now believe that planet nine could be a black hole. I remember somewhere in the WC movie that a Kilrathi capital ship followed Blair's rapier and ended up getting eaten by Scylla (the movie black hole). If Scylla was in Sol system it is a crazy coincidence. Maybe...
  2. Claymore

    Getting Started with Windows 8?!

    I had to install Start 8 from StarDock on my last PC build. Windows 8 actually isn't that bad...
  3. Claymore

    Kotaku Reviews Wing Commander Academy (May 25, 2014)

    After seeing the 10,000 USD price on amazon, I bought 2 off of ebay for $43 shipped off of Ebay. Mudpig maybe you could check Ebay UK for a copy?
  4. Claymore

    Apparently the Kilrathi are actually bears.

    This picture is from Stardrive which is now on Steam No copyright infringement because the bear guy is actually a Kulrathi. Kind of odd. Thought I'd let someone at the CIC...
  5. Claymore

    Wing commander 4 GOG sound but no video

    I guess after running both uninstalls for k lite and cccp, run ccleaner. Restart. And then install latest AC3. I'm just guessing. You've probably already done that though. Even after running ccleaner I'd still check to see if the processes and registries are gone for both.
  6. Claymore

    Wing commander 4 GOG sound but no video

    If I remember right, CCCP crashed my computer a couple of times. You need AC3Filter. I got the file name off of a forum on There is probably a thread in the CIC forums too. I used win 98/me compatibility (with run as admin checked). I also had Zeckensack's glide wrapper installed. But...
  7. Claymore


    I am using Windows 7 64 bit. I had to install ac3filter and set compatibility to windows 98/ME. I also have zeckensack's glide wrapper installed (mechwarrior 2 is still fun). gog's wing commander 4 seems to work fine for me. I just wish some of these ships would have itts. I cant hit crap...
  8. Claymore

    Possible video card issue?

    I'd say its time to buy a new card with low power requirements. your psu is aging after all. i remember years ago my roommate had a 7600 gs (might have been a gt) and it died. and he put the same model of card in and it died two years later. see whats on newegg and check out the tom's...
  9. Claymore

    Engineering a starfighter

    really really dont want to go to work in the am If I were to make up a reason for some guns being wing tip mounted, I would say it was radiation. Certain gun types on certain Star Fighters proved problematic to shield the pilot from bursts of radiation. Wing tipped mounted (x ray or particle...
  10. Claymore

    POSS Test

    I got an email today that said I could go take it August 25th. I have an ASVAB study guide. I'll study the mechanical section from it. The forums are probably going to be the best source of information for me. Has anyone here taken it?
  11. Claymore

    Windows 7 - Activation Problems (Not Spam! :))

    Well if the Nvram issue pops up again I think a new battery would fix it. The "Nvram blah blah" sounds a lot like bios checksum wrong, bios settings wrong, or overclocking failed. Those bugs are almost always fixed by a new battery. If your motherboard uses a CR2032 "coin" battery, 2 of them...
  12. Claymore

    Windows 7 - Activation Problems (Not Spam! :))

    If bios settings aren't saving, then you probably need a new bios battery (cmos battery).
  13. Claymore

    Question on Halo

    Sounds like you just played with some sore losers. But then again they might have been people who play so much & "practice" that when they get beat they realize they have wasted a small part of their life. So they really just had personal problems. Gaming can be pretty funny. Some people go...
  14. Claymore

    Is The X Series Any Good?

    Honestly, I couldn't get through the tutorial of X3:Reunion. :p I just didn't get it. X3: Reunion is on Steam for 9.99 USD, though. I think you should try out Novalogic's Tachyon: the Fringe (Also on Steam for 9.99 :p ). It's not open ended like Privateer or Grand Theft Auto III, but it's a...
  15. Claymore

    Star Trek ship request

    I think the fighter like ships AD was talking about were "Lysian Sentry Drones" from the TNG episode "Conundrum." The Lysians were 100 years behind the Federation and a single photon torpedo could destroy their main battle station called "Lysian Central Command." Could the Enterprise D really...
  16. Claymore

    Stan_comp.exe came back as a virus

    Thanks for all of the responses. I was pretty sure it was a false positive, but who knows these days. I have the file on ignore. And Eset 4.0 didn't think it was a virus. I thought the file name meant Standoff Compiler... I was so far off :p. Thanks again.
  17. Claymore

    Stan_comp.exe came back as a virus

    Stan_comp.exe came back as a "Spyware.Passwords" virus in Malware Bytes. It weighs 28.0 kB and it was created back in August of 2009. This is a false positive right :confused: from mbam-log:
  18. Claymore

    Free Mechwarrior 4 Mercs

    free birth scum prepare for download :nerd glasses: I actually downloaded it through the torrent pretty easily after I opened the right port on my router. It took maybe 5 hours to download. I couldn't seem to get the no-cd patch to work just right... I think something was wrong in my...
  19. Claymore

    Free Mechwarrior 4 Mercs

    MTX is terrible, I just checked it out. It appears their server is down.
  20. Claymore

    Free Mechwarrior 4 Mercs

    I guess Smith and Tinker finally worked out the kinks and realeased a free Mechwarrior game. Its probably just in its beta form, but it is free. I doubt I'll download as I already own the game. Here's the article from Tomshardware...