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    Hey guys... I'm the kitty who has to do the gauntlet. I expected to be done by the end of January but, well, school and work. On the plus side, one of my profs is interested in the project and has made sure I get a bit of credit for it, so I can put some more time in it. Zomega, can you send...
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    Vesuvius and Star Destroyer Size?

    So - StarDestroyer = Vesuvius, and Kilrathi Supership = Vader Supership, in size? How about fighters? ( i am making a wallpaper now, there is this funny WC--SW story I saw on and I want to make a wallpaper for it -- you said no vs. stuff so i will not link ) On the Jeff...
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    Vesuvius and Star Destroyer Size?

    Please know that this is not an attempt to start a flame-war. I read the Vesuvius Vs Star Destroyer closed post below; my question is -- how BIG are the Wing Commander ships next to the Starwars ships? All I can think of is that the Tie-Fighters are very small because the "ball" looks like it...
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    Is the game still in development?

    Thank you! Has the Privateer Remake moved there also, or there are 2 forums?
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    Is the game still in development?

    Was the WCU-project cancelled? I see all the threads have closed.
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    My Fleet

    Very Nice work! Could have been in a WC-game. :D
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    New Fighter; Stinger

    As long as it looks like a Puma.
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    Brad -- your Father flies space-bombers? :D
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    Weapons of the marines/army

    I think the Black Lance gun is a nod to the plasma-rifle in the game Fallout? It has the same layout. Does Pliers call the stormfires old technology in one of the weapon-screen voice messages?
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    What I miss

    Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster for fan-games. Standoff is great in that. You are not a big hero but a soldier trying to do his job. Is a lot easier to connect with the maincharacter.
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    "Who are you that flies so good?"

    You can download Privateer-remake and look in the sounds directory.
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    WC:T Lasari class Frigate

    What is the difference in armada between lexington and intro-carrier?
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    WC:T Lasari class Frigate

    i think the kilrathi started making asymmetrical ships in wc3-era?
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    Conquest Of Origin article in 'the Escapist'

    surely that comes from a mission-statement-generator? :)
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    Random Wing Commander reference(s)

    I believe it's the kill-recorder?
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    Conquest Of Origin article in 'the Escapist'

    How much would it cost to buy the Origin trademark from EA? How many WC-Ultima-Crusader-etc. fans are there on Earth?
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    Spyware in Privateer Gemini Gold?

    It's a false alarm -- what is in fact causing the problem is the soundserver.exe program (which manages sound & music for the Vegastrike engine). In preparation for adding a network component to Vegastrike, the sound server works via a loopback connection (your pc connecting to itself) which may...
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    WC:T Minotaurus Class Assault shuttle

    It looks good and wouldn't be out of place in, say, secret missions 3 if there had been such a thing. :)
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    Are the Mantu and the Nephilim one and the same?

    And the mopok lookalikes that appear in the "sky gods" episode of Academy... or maybe it's the same guys?
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    If you mean tactical (inflight) AI, it's being worked on -- Armada's inflight AI was famously poor, it was basically stuff afterburner-sliding all the time. If you mean strategic (turn based) AI -- how does the man-of-the-street access that code? I tried with the Phyton-framework and downloading...