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    Goodbye Klavs (May 13, 2024)

    This sucks. I always loved seeing his work. He always inspired me to continue to do 3D modeling. Wish I interacted with him more. So long Klavs
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    What would you want from Wing Commander Remasters?

    Yeah, looks good. I look forward to getting my hands on it. Out of curiousity, what engine you guys using? As for WC1 and 2, I also agree they are the most likely to actually happen. I would love to see them do full in engine cutscenes, no FMV, and bring back Mark Hamill to voice for...
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    New Wallpaper

    It's cool. I can tell you were only messing. It does feel good to rekindle my love for Wing Commander again though.
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    What would you want from Wing Commander Remasters?

    If there is another thread on here like this I apologize in advance but I was thinking after playing around with Wing Commander 4. Wasn't it actually filmed? With this resurgence of old music videos and just old film in general being recaptured and digitized into 4K, wouldn't it be possible for...
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    New Wallpaper

    Thanks for posting Chris. Yeah I know it's been awhile. Life kind of happened but I recently bought the Wing Commander games over again on GOG and kind of got it back on the mind. I'll see about getting to Prophecy in the near future.
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    New Wallpaper

    Hey guys, I know I haven't done this in awhile but I had some extra time on my hands. so here is a new Wing Commander 4 wallpaper for ya'll. Hope you like. I have both just the logo and one with a background. If anyone remembers I always had a version with the characters in background but...
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    Wing Commander Prophecy... to the XTREME! (June 15, 2017)

    I love the Course of Monkey Island.. HAHA.
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    Bootleg Wing Commander Phone Cases Totally Fail (October 28, 2015)

    Funny, I feel like I see my high res version of the logo everywhere. It also reminds me, I should do a high res Wing 4 Wall paper!
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    Privateer 2:The Darkening for Win95 Question

    Hello, I have done everything Glasmo said for the installation but I am having one problem. The mouse always locks up in the nav map screen. Just the clarify the planet screen as i believe it is also known. So I can't even get the first mission done. I've heard just jiggle the mouse around but...
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    Shotglass' Lego Bar Just the Beginning (January 25, 2011)

    All that lego character needs is a cigar and its Hunter, haha.
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    Nvidia, ATI, and PhysX

    There are many games that use physx now and yes it is now only for nvidia. There are at least 50 games that have it now. So you either need to have a physx card(which most part is useless now), or a nvidia Video card from the 8 series and on. Personally I like Nvidia better because their SLI is...
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    Zero in Mass Effect 2

    yeah i figured, i was really busy during that time so didn't visit the site much. Figured the post couldn't hurt
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    Zero in Mass Effect 2

    I don't know if anyone noticed this yet but Adam Lazarre-White who played Zero in Wing Commander Prophecy and Secret Ops is Jacob Taylor in Mass Effect 2 one of the main characters in the game for those who haven't played it.
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    ScrewAttack VGV WC 4

    Its been fixed Thanks for the heads up on that :)
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    ScrewAttack VGV WC 4 It looks like ScrewAttack's Video Game Vault series takes on Wing Commander 4 Also Check out Final Save Point. They have a article on Wing Commander and its timeline. Yes this is my site, hope you don't mind the innocent plug. :D
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    Wing Commander joystick sensitivity

    Well i have the Kilrathi Saga versions so no Dosbox. I believe that Wing 4 has the joystick patch that i think i have installed but its just been so long. I was thinking maybe I can edit in there.
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    Wing Commander joystick sensitivity

    Well i was wondering if there was any way that the joystick sensitivity can be turned down especially in 4 and one. im fine with it but when showing new people the game it seems to be the biggest complaint
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    Prophecy Movie Upgrade Patch Released (October 24, 2006)

    I use Vista 64 and I've tried it separate and I still have the same problem. Just to put it simple I have exactly the same problem as Sordid has.
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    Prophecy Movie Upgrade Patch Released (October 24, 2006)

    I seem to have got the DVD video working with Open GL. I am having a problem though with the video being off ratio. Meaning that it is stretched a little bit and I have Gray bars above and below the videos. Also in flight there are black boxes around the videos Also want to know if there is...