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    Wing Commander Arena Dogfight Night

    Thrusday, Friday, Satrday, and Sunday nights are great. any time after 6:00 pm would be nice.
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    EA Replay- anyone have it?

    Oh I expect the same One asteroid hit= One Kill. What was interesting about the "dead stop", is that I could never pull it off well on the PC. On the PSP, I can pull this off with out a problem. Mapping the L/R as the speed contorl was a great way to free up the rest of the controls. I still...
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    I don't share the shining hope and optimism

    space shooters have been dead in the US for more then 6 years. I can not remember one that was made in the US over the last 6 years that was not a Star Wars game. The good ones that are coming out now are from EU. So for EA to put a over 16 year old space shooter out at all tells me that EA at...
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    Help with Replay Controls

    I found doing the "Hard Break" maneuver works better on the PSP then it ever did on the PC.
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    EA Replay- anyone have it?

    I just got past the 1st misson this afternoon. I took most of what you told me and add one thing I read in one of the books that came with the game. I would do a dead stop when Kilrathi ship was right behind me, let him overshoot by me then just started blasting away. It worked too. I got 3...
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    EA Replay- anyone have it?

    I understand the controls, but I have been playing WC for almost an hour and I can not seem to get past the frist misson. Trying to center the ships is extremly hard. Any one here get past the frist misson or has anyone even destoryed a ship yet.