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    Ship swithcer

    Dose the ship swithcer work with this mod??? If so what is needed to do it? thanks for your help
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    Priv with myjemm

    When i try to start the game in ms dos promt with windows me, i get this : Error code 2 By ross ridge public domain. What will i need to do to make this game work with the myjemm application. Thanks for your help
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    Karnes ship....

    In the WCA Episode 2 what is the fighter that karnes is flying? Also, why is an Epee in the episode, I thought that this was during WC1 time era.
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    Do we see spyder in any of the FMV scenes of prophecy? I dont recall seeing him. My only idea is he is that guy that hangs with Hawk.
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    Where is the Landerich?

    I just wanted to know where the landerich republic is located on the map? Also, any info on them would be nice. Thanks
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    Fighter that you wish you could fly?

    Since were talking so much about fighters latley, which fighter do you wish you could fly in any of the games? My vote would be to fly a Strakath.
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    Wcedit For prophecy

    I have been using Wcedit on SO for awhile and tried to install it on Prophecy, but after it ask if I want to backup and I put my answer it shrinks and dose not respond. I have reinstalled wcedit and prophecy and that did not help. Thanks in advaced.
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    WC3 help please!!!

    Is there any way to run WC3 in windows Me, I got wc4 to run just fine but Wc3 dose not work correctly. Thanks
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    I never played WC2 or its add-ons since I don't own KS. Wha is the whole deal with Jazz going crazy, and being shipped to get executed? Is this mentioned in any of the books? :)
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    Hey, Im running windows ME is there a way to run the original wc3 on my machine? I got wc4 to work fine and I'd like to play my favorite again. Thanks in advance for your help.:)
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    Dallas system

    What is the deal with the Dallas system on the star map? Its jump route is just a circle around the system.