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    Coolest Looking Spacecraft in WC

    pretty I would have to say fighter is the Bearcat and cap ship will definately be the Vesuvius. Love the looks of WC4 ships
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    Oxford & New Detroit Landing Platforms

    wow i forgot how beautiful Oxford was........Im gonna go play privateer now
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    Ship swithcer

    Dose the ship swithcer work with this mod??? If so what is needed to do it? thanks for your help
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    Priv with myjemm

    When i try to start the game in ms dos promt with windows me, i get this : Error code 2 By ross ridge public domain. What will i need to do to make this game work with the myjemm application. Thanks for your help
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    Karnes ship....

    In the WCA Episode 2 what is the fighter that karnes is flying? Also, why is an Epee in the episode, I thought that this was during WC1 time era.
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    Repleetah - Some questions...

    What bio-weapon did the Army of Iraq use against the the Kurds and Iranians during the 80's? Was it some kind of nerve gas?
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    do we ever see amazon in any FMV? I dont recall seeing her at all.
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    Where is the Landerich?

    Is Kruger still in power, and is the Mjonnir/karga still around?
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    Do we see spyder in any of the FMV scenes of prophecy? I dont recall seeing him. My only idea is he is that guy that hangs with Hawk.
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    Where is the Landerich?

    I just wanted to know where the landerich republic is located on the map? Also, any info on them would be nice. Thanks
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    Doug Funny

    Yeah, I remember, but pretty much the same stuff you do. I think the ships were pink or something like that.
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    The Best Wing Commander Battle

    Well, almost all of the other battles were not directly invoved with the continuence of the Terran homeworld, they werent so close to home.
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    The Best Wing Commander Battle

    To me the battle of earth was the best since there were no options but to win or loose. And I liked how there was the "take as many with you as you can" feel. I really like how the Landreriech and Bear are involved.
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    For the Gents

    Man, I would definatley take Flint, she seems like someone that you could really get along with and she aint slutty like rachel.
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    Fighter that you wish you could fly?

    no, I ment more like fighters that you couldnt lfy but would like to. sorry for the confusion
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    Fighter that you wish you could fly?

    Since were talking so much about fighters latley, which fighter do you wish you could fly in any of the games? My vote would be to fly a Strakath.
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    Favorite WC2 Fighter

    this was a hard choice, but I had to go with the sabre since it was a true strike fighter, great at fighting its way in and taking out the target.
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    Favorite WC3 Fighter

    Im going with the Thud, it was great at knocking away at your enemy, and when you flew it you felt prepared since you had that torp ridin in your belly, made you feel like you could take on anything.
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    Favorite WC4 Fighter

    My vote gose for the Bearcat, its gotta be the best dogfighter ever built, if it wasn't for the darn gun spacing it would be perfect.
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    I have not read False colors yet, can I get some more info on this 22kilometer dreadnaught? Thanks