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    WCP OGL + DVD Movies

    Not sure if this is that useful but here's a breakdown of some common issues (and some fixes) for the WC4DVD patch:
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    Installing on Win 10

    Which version of the game are you trying to run? Are you trying to install from the original CDs or is it the GOG version? Are you using any patches or mods?
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    Happy New Poll! (January 2, 2020)

    The past year has been surprisingly great on the fan project front. Things may not be as active as they were in the days when WC games were actively coming out, but compared to before, 2019 had an interesting resurgence in interest in WC. I'm hoping that continues right through 2020 and gains...
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    Visual Guide Addendum: Pin-Ups (December 21, 2019)

    You reall don't get a good look at most of the marines in the theatrical cut. You can kind of tell that Angel is one of the marines that storm out of the Diligent but it's intercut so wierdly to make it look like Blair is among the group (he's not). It doesn't really register who's who...
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    Visual Guide Addendum: Pin-Ups (December 21, 2019)

    For reference, here's the angel shot that was masked for the Sci-fi Teen cover: On another note, that's the ladder to the Diligent's turret that she's standing in front of.
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    Star Wars taking some influence from Wing Commander

    I did see this but it probably was only mentioned in discord? I don't remember at this point. It's kind of interesting. The Star Destroyer isn't exactly pant legs, but theres a definitely delineation between each have which sells the similarities. Hammerhead designs aren't that uncommon...
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    Visual Guide Addendum: Pin-Ups (December 21, 2019)

    The cover image is Angel for sure. I don't know about the "pin-up" since I don't remember which picture is on it. EDIT: The pinup is definitely Blair. Found a pic of it in our archives:
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    Voodoo 3 and prophecy

    Back in the early days the CIC relied a lot on mirrors and other hosting. Not everything made the switch I guess and this patch is pretty specific to certain hardware. Most users who wanted the 3DFX stuff later would just install a glide wrapper. There's not really a lot of issues with WCP...
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    Visual Guide Addendum: Pin-Ups (December 21, 2019)

    I did a thing... Took some snapshots and ran them through a perspective fixer thing... I don't know if I got them quite right or not but this can at least help and maybe track down the originals
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    Chris Roberts audio interview

    I don't remember any specific audio interview like that but it does sound like some of the comments he's made in various Star Citizen videos such as in his answers to questions in "10 4 the Chairman" and so on. I know there used to be fan transcriptions of most of the videos and you might be...
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    Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Trailer

    Of course this is really just anecdotal but my son, who's 10, has never played a Sonic game. I've never gone out of my way to explain Sonic to him or made any efforts to expose him to it. He has no real reason to even be aware of sonic, but people at school talk about Sonic. He's also...
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    File in Style (October 24, 2019)

    When I first came across these I never noticed that he also has a WC2 version (with or without scanlines)
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    Complete WC GOG fixes and tweaks

    As long as the files more or less have the same position for the image you can batch convert all the videos with the right editors. However whether the game would recognize them is another question, but also something you could experiment with by testing one video and seeing how the game...
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    Complete WC GOG fixes and tweaks

    Every video on the DVD has the same aspect ratio. They are all 4:3 but this doesn't correspond to the actual resolution because as you figured the videos do not use square pixels. The letterboxing is part of that same aspect as the black bars are hard coded into that 4:3 ratio. I goofed a bit...
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    Complete WC GOG fixes and tweaks

    You don't lose any picture on a 16x9 or16x10 monitor. The aspect ratio of the picture is just slightly wider than your monitor would be at about a 2:1 ratio with black bars baked in (letter boxed). Having the video "touch the top" is problematic because there's no way to automatically zoom...
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    Complete WC GOG fixes and tweaks

    I believe the GOG patch was done with the intention of making the DVD videos fill a 16x9 screen. It crops because the original videos are widescreen in a hardcoded 4:3. Technically the video player is separate from the game itself because of the way the original DVD version worked with the...
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    Hong Kong Controversy Ensnares WC Vet (October 13, 2019) WCNews is not a private company. It's a fan site ran by fans, for fans, and not for profit. You agreed to live by our rules when you signed up for the forums here, and as such we've allowed you into our house so that as a Wing Commander fan you can...
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    Some questions about Melek and Jukaga

    The WC 1 and 2 Kilrathi were too... cartoony for CR I guess. The movie design I think was more towards what Chris wanted to do, but the animatronic house was cheap and there was some production woes that led to the sets being too cramped for them and the suits not being able to move properly...
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    Some questions about Melek and Jukaga

    As far as your first question goes, the novels are often written based on the shooting script for the games. The authors often have no access to the actual FMV or game art to be able to describe the character performances and so on. Because of that, some smaller personality details are opened...
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    New Privateer 2 Patch Adds Deinterlace Feature & Makes Numerous Improvements (October 1, 2013)

    Interesting. It does sound a bit like one of the original game bugs though. The game originally shipped with an error where the game tries to ramp up the difficulty as you progress and get better... So you end up with endless streams of pirates and so on. If it works differently without the...