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    A New Sound from Deep Space...

    The most criticism that I recieved about my music for Standoff was in reference to the rendering of the MIDIs. Well, with the holiday season over and some money I picked up, this year, I decided that I would invest in a new sound set in order to try to improve the quality of the rendering that...
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    WCP High Detail FMV/CG Shots

    I was wondering if anyone still has or knows were I could get some of the WCP CG shots of the fighters. I think they might have been up on, but that no longer exists, and I could really use some high detail shots. Thanks.
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    Kilrathi Music

    As I've been working more and more on Standoff's musical score, I've been becoming interested in some possible experimentation for it. I was wondering if anyone know of any established canon details for Kilrathi music (instrumentation, scale structure, style... anything). I might experiment...
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    Standoff Overture

    Hey guys - remember me? For those of you who don't I'm Michael Mahadeen - musical composer of UE and Standoff. I want this thread to be about the "Theme" (Its more of an overture than a theme, so I'm gonna call it by my final title - Standoff Overture). As a musician I'm always looking for...
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    DragonCon sacrifices

    The reason was an interesting one. The way he chose to leave was to send an e-mail to me explaining he was leaving, and that he couldn't work on the UE2 Music team I was going to put together (looks like the music team is just me, like in UE). In the e-mail he explained the reason, and CCed...
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    As we all know, there are problems with the WCSO engine that UE had to deal with, adn it looks like UE2 would have to deal with. I have no knowledge of programming and the like, but I figured I'd start a thread where serious ideas about how to improve the engine could be posted and considered...
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    WC3 Joystick

    I'm having trouble getting my joystick to work in WC3. It's fine until I go to fly a mission or try to calibrate it. Once I get in the mission, my joystick will not let me move, and is autofiring (as though you were holding down the trigger). In the calibration mode, the same thing happens...
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    What Instrument Does Everyone Play?

    I'm a super band geek, so it figures after seeing the sports thread I would do something like this. How many of you out there play a musical instrument? Which one/s? It doesn't have to be a band instrument - any type of instrument at all (yes... carot flutes are included... no... skin...
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    WC3/4 Joystick

    I'm running Windows 98 with a Microsoft Sidewinder Joystick. I have WC3 and WC4 installed and running in dos, but the joystick never seems to work correctly. The pointer jumps around the screen, no matter how many times I calibrate the joystick (less in WC4 than WC3), and it makes playing the...
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    WC Fans?????

    There's a little something I've been trying to figure out: If a Star Trek Fan is a Trekkie Then what's a Wing Commander Fan? I'm sure we gotta have some sorta title.... just not sure what it is. Any ideas?
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    WC2 Wraith?

    I was looking at the Ships Database, and I noticed a Wraith in the WC2 Confed section. I looked at the game guides (for WC2, SO1, and SO2), and I can't find any sign of this ship anywhere. Does anyone know where the Wraith appears in WC2?
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    Secret Missions and Special Ops

    Secert Missions and Special Ops Hi. I'm pretty new here, so I'll start off with a few details about myself relating to WC. I got WC2 as a birthday gift. Played that, loved it. Got WC4, and got hooked. Since then, I've gotten WC1, WC3, WCP, and WCSO. Recently, I found out about the...
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    UE Music

    I had this topic on the old forum, but apparently that one's going to slowly be phasing out, so I figured I'd open it up again here. I wanna know what everyone thinks of the music in UE that you've heard so far (there's 2 samples of it on our downloads page). Let me know what you think of...