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    Been a While...

    Been a long time since I’ve been around these parts, but part of me can never let go of the time I had here with this game. It was my introduction to programming and what I could do with a little bit of effort. Of course, when I joined I was probably not ready for what I was trying to do. My...
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    ChrisReid where do you get off.

    As I learned in time, there is a firm difference between a person, and the same person acting as a MOD. The MOD has to maintain order at all costs, in how they see fit. Chris is the Master MOD. He is the dictator here (using this in a positive way,) and he has to do, what he has to do. If a...
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    Things you'd like to see in Star Citizen

    Something I am now officially looking forward to in game since the Bengal Class carrier was unlocked: Mercenary work, mobile base, using that carrier... limitless possibilities. I have had a story idea I've wanted to write for years, and now that the Bengal class carreir is unlocked and usable...
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    Things you'd like to see in Star Citizen

    Only reason I said NPC SAR was because I didn't know how many people would find it fun to pick up an ejected pilot, or play the support role on a combat situation. And another one to my wishlist: An easily modifiable campaign setup for multiple players to participate. Like an old fashioned DnD...
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    Things you'd like to see in Star Citizen

    Ohh boy... this is what I'd like to see: Me and my buddy in a fractured off server enjoying ourselves within our characters, chatting, having a good time when the scramble alarm sounds. Me and him with our characters get up from our chairs and rush to suit up, and get to the hangar where NPC's...
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    Modding Tutorials?

    I see you're a fan of the Shrike, Iceblade. You know, this little stand alone engine is starting to become quite powerful, for a one man team, that is. I'm surprised more people haven't taken a bigger interest into this. It's somewhat user friendly, mission editor is extremely simple... the...
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    Different Direction....Robotech?

    Well, what you could do is never use callsigns. Call everyone by their first names in everything, comms and all that. Then, instead of putting a set name, name the player "Enter First name here." But, that's just the easy way out, if all else fails. Though, I think it'd be hard to do. You'd...
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    Converter Here is the website for the Wing Commander 1 remake for the Flight Commander engine. Just download it, find the ships you want within the folder, and take a look at what he did. Just don't steal the models.
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    Different Direction....Robotech?

    Ahhh, Robotech. Such a sweet, sweet anime. Given, dubbing could've been better, but the concept was really cool. For the problems with the mode changing, I do recall most of the fighting being done in the fighter mode, rarely did they ever change to Battleloid outside of when they had to. So I...
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    Flight Commander Mod Projects

    I'm not dead! But... I think I'm not going to work on the Combat Zone project any longer. I've failed at it, and really, school work is got me up to here *hand over head* so I won't be able to find time to work on it.
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    Cockpit positions

    That canopy looks awesomeness. Center console I'm assuming is your main computer, the small oval is your radar... I guess I'm rambling. But I see one fluke. You have two 'Eject' lights. (One near radar, and one to the left of 'auto' at the top.) Perhaps that was there to emphasis 'ditch your...
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    Ship Targets

    So, if I disabled the AI and set the target, would they still operate like they would normally? Or would I have to set their movements up?
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    Ship Targets

    Does the function Mission_setScriptControl(boolean scriptcontrol) need to be activated to change enemy AI's starting target from you to your wingman?
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    E3 coming real soon

    Bungie said they are making yet another 'Halo' game. I don't know if this one will be any good story wise, (Halo 2 and 3 really lacked it.) I didn't watch this just read up on it at Also, did Nintendo release any info on a new Star Fox game? I didn't quiet catch yesterday, I was...
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    E3 coming real soon

    Thought I'd bring this up, E3 will be arriving this week or next (I can't remember which.) Which means, if EA has any intent on releasing a new Wing Commander Game, this is the place they would say so. I am also hoping that Nintendo will release a new Star Fox game. My inner child demands a...