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    Last game's properties persist into new game

    I apologise profusely if this has been raised before. It's something my brother and I have both noticed, although it's affected him more. When you start a new game, things appear to not be reset from the old one. These are such things as the people flying around in space and the factions...
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    Usability stuff

    Hey-o... Would it be possible to put some force feedback into it? My joystick is rather ... limp, and it's difficult to centre (apart from being badly calibrated). Force feedback would pwn. :-)
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    Purchases going missing

    Yesterday a friend of mine bought a tractor beam enhancement -- one of those that attaches to a gun you already have -- and when he launched he couldn't use it. Turned out that it hadn't even been installed on his ship, and yet the money had been taken out of his account for it. Just now I...
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    Impressions and Opinions

    Depends how much you suck at it. It also doesn't help when you're trying to control the game with the mouse and keyboard. That combo only works for an FPS! Going to buy a joystick now, just for this game... IMO, I think we need to stick to the old way of doing menus and things. While I...
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    Minor issue with mouse

    This gives rise to another bug. When in full-screen bases mode and you only have one cursor (the game cursor), you can move the perceived location of the cursor off the edge of the screen while the cursor itself remains touching the edge where it went off. This means that you can move the...
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    Text Overlap - Purchasing Weapons

    What do you mean when you say the text overlaps? My menus don't look wrong at all ... You could take a screenshot. Host it at Imageshack if you don't have anywhere to put it.
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    Centurion rear turret and warp...

    My turret keeps talking to me when the AI is on. This is a mass driver turret on a Centurion. I think the game thinks it's a hunter because it talks to me in hunter styley, e.g. "Better watch your back. Trouble's brewing." As an aside, since I remembered just now, you (or someone on the...
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    Trouble with Campaign

    Players who can't find Pentonville might find this map useful. Note that on the map it is labelled as N9CE, when it should be 119CE. Players who can't remember that it's Pentonville should have a notebook :-)
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    The bug that forced me to start again

    Two centurions aren't a problem. Two centurions with five (or whatever) wingmen each are. The combine firepower is enough to take me out in less than a minute, and because I'm on the pirate base I can't even land to fix myself up all the time. I tried dropping one of the missions but it...
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    The bug that forced me to start again

    :( I'm rather peeved. I was doing well. I just got back from the penultimate Tayla mission and I was talking to her about the final one... I clicked by accident mid-conversation. The conversation stopped but the accept/reject buttons stayed, and I was returned to the bar screen. I...