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    RelEase date

    Cool. So only a few thousand years till release :cool: So I guess the Release date on your HP ("Release: 2004") is still there, cause in those days there will be already another date system for 2004 years? ;)
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    Prophecy and Secret Ops in XP (was: WCP video question)

    There is another, way more uggly way - that's what I do with old games complaining about disk space ^^, cause the trick ChrisReid mentioned doesn'T work for em :( Fill your HDD till it let's you install it
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    Run All Old WC Games in DOSBox Walkthrough

    Why didn't you just mount your cd-drive as cd-drive? No reason to copy the cd to the wc3 folder, imo. Also might explain your probs...
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    What is a good setup to run all versions of WC?

    To prevent speed probs with wc1/sm1 you can disable the CPU cache - That helps at least for some PCs (did so for my K6-2 400mhz)
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    Difference between WC4 cd and WC4 DVD versions?

    Depends on the DVD version - the single-sided DVD has got the same quality like the CD version, but the double sided has got better ones.
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    Run All Old WC Games in DOSBox Walkthrough

    Good to know! :) Will change that as well to prevent the crash ;)
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    Still most likely too slow for WC3 via Dosbox (I've tried: PIV @3.6Ghz, 2gb ram etc, and it's still too slow for close combat ) - but would be worth a try... (maybe A64 are way faster in DosBox. No idea... Anyway: Check out the dosbox-sticky thread for help with wc3. - Your prob has been...
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    wing commander armada installation

    Well, then simply mount your HD-Directory as A:\ That's what I did, and it worked ;)
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    Run All Old WC Games in DOSBox Walkthrough

    Ok, thx for the info :) Btw, got sound probs with VDMS as well, and so far was unable to fix that :(
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    Run All Old WC Games in DOSBox Walkthrough

    Does it run at perfect speed without sound-probs or so? If so, it would be real nice if you would post, how you got it working.
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    Run All Old WC Games in DOSBox Walkthrough

    Yep, has been asked several times already ;) You need to change ems=True to ems=False in the dosbox.conf - that should fix that prob. - If you still got probs, check my conf-file for WC3 (see post #12) Only main prob with that conf is, that wc3 is unstable with dynamic core. - You might...
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    FreeDO and Super Wing Commander problem

    Question: Is your keyboard Ps/2 or USB? Mine is USB. - Could be the prob, I'd guess, or not?
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    FreeDO and Super Wing Commander problem

    I don'T have the probs with video and audio, but I pressing any keys doesn't work for me either. Would like to know how others got arround that prob :(
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    Wing Commander III (3) trouble

    Like I said: It's doubtfull. I mean: I have got the KS-version as well and was able to patch my german DOS WC3 to a German KS WC3 version WITHOUT that patch, but just by copying some files of the KS version. - So it's not really a fan-made project... And to the WC4 patch: That one was...
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    Wing Commander III (3) trouble

    ? Didn't I already reply to your question about the random crashes in another thread this morning? Or was that somebody else? Anyway: Make sure you use normal core and not dynamic, since dynamic causes such crashes you described. - But keep in mind, that you can only run lower cycles with...