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    I know, another "can't start gemini gold thread," but please help.

    yep everything else runs fin from that drive, i have a 3 gig swap file for the drive. i think iut might be to do with windows as a few other things wont load once i have installed them. thanks for the advice
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    I know, another "can't start gemini gold thread," but please help.

    Hi there, when i load the games it starts to load the screen goes black as if it is going to come up with the openbing sequence but then there is a box that appears that says it has encountered a problems and needs to close. any idea as to why it will not load i have tried loading it different...
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    hi cannot get the PR gemini gold to run! please help

    Ok so i have installed the game great!, chose my setting in the setup and went to play but instead of loading it comes up with an error report saying it has encountered a problem. this is it. Error signature AppName: privateer.exe AppVer: ModName: privateer.exe ModVer...
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    Screenshots Release Thread

    all i can say is awesome! they look fantastic keep up the good work.
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    greetings all

    thanks for your replies, i will keep looking around the site, it is so huge!. :D
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    greetings all

    Hi to everyone, I am a new member of this forum and just thought i should say hello. i came across this site after looking up on wing commander which i used to play at a friends house way back when it was first released. Ever since then i bought all the main games and completed them all, but i...