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    offer: GDD assistance

    Hi, I might be able to help this project... I currently study Game Design & Development and I'm a member of the IGDA Utrecht University Game Development Club (That's a part of THE International Game Developers Association). Being a great Wing Commander fan I would glady help on this...
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    Screenshots Release Thread

    But you do have to feed the the fanboys... :mad:
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    Screenshots Release Thread

    Hey this thread isn't really about screenshots anymore now is it!?
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    Kilrathi concept dralthi Bg image

    They somehow remind me of TIE-fighters... I wonder why? :D
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    Favorite Ships

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    Voice acting.

    That makes me get scary fealings thinking about: "we concentrate on getting the the full version done". :p
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    WC Saga Titles... thoughts.

    titles... Wing Commander: Invisible Hope WC Saga: Invisible Hope Wing Commander: Threads of Victory WC Saga: Threads of Victory Wing Commander: Twlight WC Saga: Twilight Wing Commander: Janus WC Saga: Janus (Janus = Two faced roman god) my 2 cents :D /edit:added tittle
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    Final Thunderbolt VII model

    Any chance we might see the Dragon? :D
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    Final Thunderbolt VII model

    Way to go! The textures will actually be that detailed in game?
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    Screenshots Release Thread

    MORE!!! :drool:
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    A propostion: demo

    Ye, neither can I
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    Voice acting.

    I've just send them to: Don't forget to tell me if you liked them. Good luck to myself! :D
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    Confed + Borderworld vs Black Lance

    actually it's the The 2673 Black Lance Dragon... check out this official poster: However on second tought it refers to the years???
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    Voice acting.

    I've just recorded my voice... my e-mail is Contact me and I'll send you the files. They are 980kB so it should be no problem.
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    Screenshots Release Thread

    Where are the screenshots?! :D