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    This Mod is Dead.

    Please don't give up on this project. This is a valuable mod for those of use who grew up with Wing Comander. I can speak on your behalf to Lancers Reactor. Tell me why they haven't accepted yet and where can I get what you have already finished. Is it on the Download section of WCNews...
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    Wanted: Newsbrief and Dialogue for FLMod

    What company is Goldwave made by? And can its sounds be saved as another type of file? .wav or .mp3? What does FL use? The name of the file you seek is musgrab. There might be other types of sound files it didn't extract out of Priv.tre, only the .voc files came out. I still haven't...
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    Wanted: Newsbrief and Dialogue for FLMod

    Your project to include WC dialog into Freelancer made me want to register in this forum so I could comment. I have also noticed you have been working on a complete Freelancer to Privateer conversion. And what I have to say deals with both. I have been looking into, for my own FL mod...