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    Mass Effect 3

    Demo single player was pretty cheesy with the little kid bit. Demo multiplayer was more fun than I expected, although I wish there was a Krogan Vanguard option. 1st two were incredible. Psyched about part 3. I hope it has as much 'discovery' as the 1st two did (and not all action). -scheherazade
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    Trailer Released!

    Excited too. Gonna be the first game on my new joystick. Is the classic WC 'mission branching' in this? (If so, is it 55 missions in one path from start to finish, or 55 missions total?) -scheherazade
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    What's going on here?

    Check out the picture in this article. (2nd pic - captioned : "A wretched hive of scum and villiany.") See the names? Yeah... -scheherazade
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    Nvidia, ATI, and PhysX

    I currently run a 5970 and an 8800gtx in my system ATI for video, and nVidia for cuda and physx (with non-ati-lockout nvidia drivers). To be honest, physx is pretty unimpressive. Developers limit it to particle effects, and cloths. The usage is minimal when it's even there. You basically have...
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    This thread is about cars; if you fag it up I will delete you.

    Light bikes are fun. I think I'll get a wr250x as my next bike. A little dual sport packs a lot of fun. But for now, I'm just selling my gsxr750. Would rather pay off my car, and I don't really ride much. -scheherazade
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    Privateer Gemini Gold Illuminati...

    [Original privateer] You know, I like the galaxy more than the orion too... I mostly pirate in that game, and the galaxy lets you prey on a lot of ships before the cargo hold fills up and you have to land and sell. I also used tachyon guns over the plasma. It felt like they were easier to aim...
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    Ethical Quandry.

    My family had/has the strangest connections. We've had various government ministers and business people at our family gatherings. And as long as I remember the army was 'doing favors' on account of some relative(s) being fairly high up. Other people I've met my parents age are definitely...
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    Ethical Quandry.

    Later in life I found out that many people I know of who got asylum in the U.S., embellished of outright lied about being politically persecuted. I do know one person who actually was persecuted, but he was working to unseat the government... Not exactly surprising in a 1-party environment...
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    Ethical Quandry.

    I was 5 when the Russians left. I'm told there were Russian tanks rolling down the streets to quell protests not long before their withdrawal. I don't remember any tanks, but I do remember my uncle giving me a toy car, and my grandfather's dog pulling me around on a sled, and I remember sitting...
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    Ethical Quandry.

    Let us not presume to know more than what we do ;) I've learned in my short life that I'm wrong much more often than I thought at the time. There's a real difference between someone with life experience and someone who's an armchair historian. I've picked my grandparent's brains about the...
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    Ethical Quandry.

    I see it as a valuable historical artifact. I would : Hold on to it, research it as much as you can. In a few years, pass it on to your kids or sell it for more than you paid for it. And if you're feeling generous, give it to a museum. I wouldn't get all emotional about something that doesn't...
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    Thoughts on new Star Trek movie (*spoilers!*)

    Nah. That's just Frosty having some fun. Refer to : He could just edit *any* post and make it amuse him (such as adding a funny in-post sig anywhere), but he prefers to limit himself to posts that are signed manually. Although, with my colon... it's pretty accurate. -butts butts butts...
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    Thoughts on new Star Trek movie (*spoilers!*)

    Funny you mention. I actually work on certain components of this ship. And there are actually two LCS ships (competing) - one by Lockheed, and one by General Dynamics. LCS1 (very standard looking) LCS2 (tri-hull)...
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    Terminator Salvation - Spoilers eventually...

    There was plenty of mention in the past films of John being a great leader. I don't recall anything about him being he-man. We both know it's just an 'unrealistic, but cool-looking action thing'. No need to pretend he's super-human. True :). b and v are next to each other. -scheherazade
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    Terminator Salvation - Spoilers eventually...

    If the intent was to do an ambush, then of course it has to be silent. However, forcibly cramming-in one extra shock, into a movie filled with them, at the cost of ample believability, is too much. John was a great leader, strategist, organizer, unifier, etc. It's not like he 'punched out' all...