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    Red Alert 3 Dials 867-5309 (August 21, 2008)

    My read on it is they are using live-action to stay true to the series, which certainly bodes well for any Wing Commander games in the making.
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    right of choice?

    Are you saying that in order to have interesting conversations, we need better idiots? Thats a new one.
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    Me neither. I mean I had some of the toys, but that was as far as it went for me. I don't know anything about these characters' backgrounds or the storyline and I'm really not interested in knowing those things. But if this is going to be a good old fashioned mindless action movie, then I'm...
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    Tick bite

    My first job was working for the state's conservation commission clearing and creating trails in the local state parks and such. I found probably 3-4 ticks on me every week, except I just yanked them out right away:p. However I have the same thing with 2 of the tick bites. Occasionally they...
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    Red Alert 3 on the way!

    Yeah, that would definitely sell. The gameplay is supposedly going to be a little bit slower than C&C3, and the idea of doing the entire campaign cooperatively interests me. I think it will be pretty good.
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    Red Alert 3 on the way!

    Not gonna happen. I love Frank Klepacki's music, but I don't understand why so many people keep asking for this. He works for a competitor, he's not gonna just quit and go work for another company just because they own the rights to a game he used to work on. Especially considering he didn't...
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    Red Alert 3 on the way!

    Don't know if these are official or not, but they look real to me.
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    I wanna fly the old ships!

    Yeah, I guess I never thought of that. The weapons just seemed a lot more radical than most Confed weapons to me, so I just thought 'alien'.
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    I wanna fly the old ships!

    I always assumed it was supposed to be Confed using some of the captured Nephilim tech to create new weaponry and such.
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    At Night, All Concordias Are Gray (October 17, 2007)

    Sitting on the elevator in this pic. I'm pretty sure thats a Free Trader.
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    At Night, All Concordias Are Gray (October 17, 2007)

    Right in between the 2 runways. And is that a Free Trader transport I see sitting on it Klavs?
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    Maniac is coming to Massachusetts!!!

    Man, I lived like 20 minutes away from Worcester before I came down to college. I'd like to see his show.:(
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    Hey, lets discuss WWII!

    There were several reasons that the Nazis failed to conquer the Soviet Union, in fact the partisan war that I think you are referring to actually began after the Nazi army's advance had faltered. When the Nazis still had the advantage of momentum, Hitler actually pulled units away from the push...
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    Black Screen When Tower On

    Can you hear your hard disc turn on and start spinning? If not than it could be your power, but it could also be your bios. I had a problem earlier this year when my apartment lost power while I was updating my bios. It burned out the chip and basically none of my hardware was being told to...
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    Joe Kucan influenced by Wing Commander

    The C&C 12th anniversary podcast, an interview with Joe Kucan(Kane), is up now. Kucan mentions that the clip in Wing Commander 1 when the pilots are running to their ships from the briefing room felt very cinematic to him and is what made him want to get involved in the cinematic element of...