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    WC Ships Renders

    I still play raptor from time to time >.> Coll project Venom. Id like to give this a try too :)
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    WC:CD "Border Worlds"

    I really like the looks of the first model. Those triple cannons look mighty nice :) Its certainly giving a "don't mess with me" message :) But, as said it might not be very border-worldish. Course if those were mass drivers or lasers, i don't see why not. For anything better then that you would...
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    FB-202 "Ghoul" Long Range Fighter/Bomber

    Its a great design and a very beautiful ship, i just cant see the point for that bottom fin. Looks so much like a b-wing(star wars, not the b2 bomber :) ) because of it. That's at least what i noticed just now... Awesome work Howard.
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    FB-202 "Ghoul" Long Range Fighter/Bomber

    Nice. That goblin sure looks sexy. Great work as always Howard.
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    Privateer: Ascii Sector v0.3 released

    coolness, im gonna try it as soon as i can :)
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    that looks really awesome michelle, keep at it! :)
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    WC4 Mod For Homeworld 2 In The Works (June 5, 2006)

    yeah, great to hear from you... I was worried that this project will be left unfinished :)
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    WC:CD Kilrathi "Test" Fighter

    Upside down?
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    Timeline between Secret Ops & WC Arena..

    that ship looks like some kind of a troop transport to me :)
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    Privateer: Ascii Sector v0.3 released

    woot! i was waiting and hoping for this for a while! loved your previous release, cant wait to tr this one out!
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    finally finished Wing Commander Wallpaper

    Looks great Ninja... I like it a lot
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    WC:CD (Broadsword)

    looking good...
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    Long Day

    my god... it was extremely long day for me too I think it was longer that all of my life combined... Hell, i feel 1000 years old today because of yesterday... It must have been some rip in space/time continuum...
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    Hey guys

    hey guys... I had a crazy day.. Got some snacks? Sorry frost, didnt know it was at your's place... It's all eltee's fault
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    WC:CD New Kilrathi Transport

    I really like the designs, both yours and "upgraded" Keep up the great work!