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    Throttle issue

    Thanks! that did the trick.
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    Throttle issue

    I am using a saitek x52 joystick and and get the game to notice my trottle stick....any ideas?
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    Standoff error

    Fixed it, after tryng just about everything....turning off the compatibility mode did the trick :D
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    Standoff error

    it normaly happens right after a mission any mission when I am about to get transfered to the mission stats screen, but every now and then it happens in flight
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    Standoff error

    yes I am running the latest version of standoff, Every thing seems to be setup just keeps giving me that error. I says this : visual c++ runtime error abnormal program termination
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    Standoff error

    Just about every time I complete a mission I get a "runtime error" pop up and crash the game right before my mission summary screen comes up. I have compatibility mode enabled and I have even uninstalled standoff and secret opps and reinstalled them both and still the same thing. any ideas?
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    anyone seen this?

    Has anyone ever seen this before, I just found it the other day.
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    Could this be the beginning?

    I see that flag alot over here at Ramstein AB. It is cool looking.
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    The WC4 'Price Of Freedom' Movie Project

    very awesome, great work.
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    She's an orbital museum now

    I got to tour her last time I was in England, a good time it was.
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    wc4 dvd

    how much would a new one like that normaly go for?
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    wc4 dvd

    yeah it was the up to 32 players thing that I got me as odd and the fact that he has another auction as well....having to brand new ones.....kind of hard to find right?
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    wc4 dvd

    I think it's cool that is is a new item but anyone notice what is wrong in this?
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    Make New Friends, But Keep The Old (March 3, 2007)

    I still prefer the old midway. Kind of got me thinking that an old pic of the old midway or is that a new one that was made and if so who knows what might be going on....just me being hopeful I suppose
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    But Is It Ours? (February 27, 2007)

    which cap ships should we expect to see in this game?