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    Something's wrong: Adm. Bergstrom didn't relieve Tolwyn of command

    So why don't you all laugh about it.
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    Border Worlds Conflict

    Thanks, I didn't remember the book talking about it.
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    Border Worlds Conflict

    Maybe they were also choosing the name of a General who was hamstrung, and possibly prevented from obtaining a complete victory, by his own "government".
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    The destruction of the Vesuvius

    When was this? Thanks.
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    Yorktown-Class Carriers

    4 squadrons (Hellcat, Arrow, Longbow, Thunderbolt) of 10 fighters each. [See for some dispute on this. The book actually mentions an additional Arrow squadron in place of the Hellcat one, but there is an...
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    The destruction of the Vesuvius

    In the novel Tolwyn later tells Blair that 80 people were killed or injured (245). You could say he was lying, but I don't really see why he would or what it would accomplish.
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    Snakeir II?

    But Snakier is, presumably, a Kilrathi name, not a human one.
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    Thoughts on new Star Trek movie (*spoilers!*)

    Wasn't the future enterprise a different ship, anyway (the "-E" or something)?
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    Thoughts on new Star Trek movie (*spoilers!*)

    How did the events of Generations conflict with All Good Things?
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    Armchair Quarterbacking

    Maybe. But the excercise is: what action taken by a member or group of members of the Confederation could have been done differently to the greatest positive effect for Confed? Because there were people who knew better. And we are speaking from hindsight. I think you are right, the average...
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    Armchair Quarterbacking

    All true. But, since you mentioned it, where humans ever really considered equals? I think that with the exception of Jukaga and a few others, they (we) were always considered a prey species. That's one reason I mentioned McAuliffe. I wonder whether the Kilrathi view of humans and, consequently...
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    Armchair Quarterbacking

    The False Armistice it may be. How about a certain lieutenant's failure to pass along a priority triple A message from Admiral Banbridge on McAuliffe on Confederation Day eve, 2634?
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    Wing Commander 3 Ranked 14 on

    Harga. The human was Abram.
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    WC-IV novellization

    I had assumed this was a typo, since Hellcats are referenced as part of the Victory's contingent elsewhere (pg 219, for example).