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    How do flak-cannons work?

    I prefer flak cannons to laser turrets. Any torpedo fired from more than 3000 klicks hasn't got a chance of getting through.
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    WC Military Inaccuracies

    If someone can cite some proof that the USAF plans to continue using B-52s up to the 2040s then I'll rest my case. Until then... t.c.cgi: AFAIK as time goes by and newbuild B-52s aren't produced the cost of producing parts for existing B-52s will increase, resulting in diseconomies of...
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    WC Military Inaccuracies

    AFAIK there are no more plans to build anymore B-52s. The existing B-52H models aren't likely to last four decades of service. More than likely, by that time if the USAF is still using B designated airacraft, they'd probably have B-2[insert improved variant designator] and probably some new...
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    Never played WC2

    That is what the admiral is doing.
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    WC Universe's Controversial Plot Holes, Discrepacies, Continuity Problems, etc

    Bite your tongue WildWeasel. If HQ or the desk jockeys get it in their heads that the autopilot might be that good we'll be out of a job!
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    One Ship Challenge

    Nice to see you back Col.Dom! At last your rank fits the first syllable of your handle :) Anyways, I've never read Firefox, but the description on the back of the book makes the Firefox too radically advanced IMHO. I mean I'm not saying that they couldn't do it, but to leap all the way to...
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    Pin Pinching

    Actually I posted the bit about Omega Supreme because I quite liked the last paragraph :p
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    Pin Pinching

    BlueClaw: I gave Sky Lynx to my dad for repairs. Several years of dithering later I got hold of some glue and glued the pieces back together. It looked good but Sky Lynx retained a limp as a reminder of his injury. The above is a perfect example of if you want something done you should do...
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    What do you read?

    Skyfire: Out of sheer curiosity how many Forgotten Realms novels are there? About 2 years ago I made a belated attempt to collect all of the Dragonlance novels. But there are just too many of them so I gave up. Anyways nowadays I'm limited to reading historical texts. Recently I read the...
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    Not in that year I did. Anyways you can find out more about my university here
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    What do you look for in the girl that you date?

    Ladiesman^: I don't understand. If you don't care then how do you get a girlfriend to begin with?
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    Pin Pinching

    This reminds me of a similar event in my life. When I was a little kid one day I was happily playing with one of my Transformers toys. There was nobody in the house except me, my sister and my grandmother. I went to the bathroom. I was gone for only a few minutes. When I came back my...
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    When and How you heard or saw something about WC for the first time?

    I walked into a computer game store. I saw a WC product for the first time in my life. I bought it. Oh yeahh :D One of the best snap decisions of my life :cool:
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    Let the War Games Begin

    Knitewing: What's RL?
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    I bombed miserably out of the Bachelor of Commerce programme and am now doing a Bachelor of Arts programme.