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    WC4 Remake

    I'm huge on streaming of TV. I will still buy Blu-Rays but it's super rare. I don't think that not owning the content is a big deal, I went from VHS to DVD to Blu-Ray for a number of movies; my iTunes purchases were all upgraded for free. I wish the digital codes that come with some discs were...
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    What do you HATE (or at least dislike) in each Wing Commander game?

    WC1 Being framerate dependent, the larger an enemy is on screen the slower the game runs Capital ship combat Never found the storyline particularly memorable (not an issue for the expansions) WC2 Nothing that I can recall. I was very fond of both the gameplay and plot. WC3 Lack of fluidity...
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    If there was a new Wing Commander game?

    Agreed. Prequels in a universe just make a mess of the continuity; I can stick my head in the sand up to a point but prequels always pass this point and make me care about the franchise as a whole less. Reboots of a franchise I care about less than the a brand new IP. I see why studios do it...
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    Wing Commander 3 as Seen From the 21st Century (February 22, 2021)

    I feel like these are two separate issues; you'll still find absolutely punishing games, far more so than Wing Commander. I too no longer have the time to invest too much time into a single game; but that difficulty hasn't been the issue, games just keep getting longer to the point where I've...
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    WC4 Remake

    This wasn't a defence of the language, and more stating that it's not important enough to hate. If the language gives you enough freedom once you've built up your design, issues like threading, memory safety etc; they aren't exposed to the majority of developers.
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    WC4 Remake

    We're looking for tools. Now whilst many of the tools are in C# like all game engines the core is in C++ interop is going to be needed even for those. Maybe you could help with the AI tool, but an aversion to C++ is probably going to put you off even that as it does need to reflect C++ gameplay...
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    WC4 Remake

    Are there any C++ / C# programmers out there left to recruit? We have two musicians but only one programmer :) It's our only real bottle neck.
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    WC4 Remake

    One of the main aims is to make the transition from FMV to gameplay seamless. It’d be pretty jarring to jump from seeing the lcars neon cockpit to wc3s old school look five minutes later.
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    WC4 Remake

    Constructive criticism is welcome, as we've noted everything is first pass, the cockpit on the hellcat is being re-modeled right now, the texture resolution is low as we previously had a 1GB limit on total assets, and all of the VDUs are first pass (ODVS has taken over the 2D artwork, what's...
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    Screenrant Talks Wing Commander Remasters (February 12, 2021)

    As Chris says we will require the original game to play. We covered the potential of a C&D in our faq: Whilst we haven't sought publicity outside of wcnews it has been good for development. The active community isn't that large and most already...
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    Selling my collection :(

    Japan, unlikely I can do pickup ;)
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    Selling my collection :(

    That's really well kept. Name your price (or your ebay link :))
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    3D Printing Library Expands With Even More Ships (February 4, 2021)

    Does anyone have any 3D printer recommendations?
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    Selling my collection :(

    I think with GoG being out there the key is pristine, because people are still buying them but as collectors items. KS is a special one because it’s not available on GoG, wcdx requires it, it’s not easy to find a cheap one. If it was complete and it near perfect condition I’d be interested, but...
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    Wing Commander Prophecy: Secret Ops Model Update Pack

    If you mean the movie subtitles that's part of HCl's patch. I don't have the code for the DVD patch, I wish that I did; I could probably get the movies to render in the same window. If you fancy reverse engineering wcphr.dll I'd be happy to co-operate on such an endeavour. I could even throw you...