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    Super Famicom Manual Includes Special Halcyon Welcome (April 27, 2022)

    Sorry it took me so long to respond, but I just saw Loaf's reply yesterday morning. This is a lot of text, my Japanese is still pretty bad, and I can't promise I'll be back to get it all translated (it took me a while to get this much done even with a machine translation as a base), but I got...
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    Super Famicom Manual Includes Special Halcyon Welcome (April 27, 2022)

    Thanks! Really it was just a good excuse to practice, so I was happy to do it. And sort of. It's more just the difference between the languages themselves that's shining through -- basically what I gave you isn't really English, it's translationese. The actual meaning of what he said wouldn't...
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    Super Famicom Manual Includes Special Halcyon Welcome (April 27, 2022)

    My Japanese isn't great, so take this with a grain of salt, but here's my attempt at a cleaner translation: Also, has an AI based translation tool that's much better with Japanese than Google Translate is. If you guys think Google is impressive, you should check it out. I used...
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    A Different Grease Monkey (March 5, 2016)

    Man am I glad you posted this. My high school library had the first volume, and I really enjoyed it but never got a chance to read the rest (which, granted, didn't actually exist yet, but the book made it pretty clear more was planned). I didn't bother clicking on the link at first because I...
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    Hornet Mod Amps Up Sky Rogue Action (September 27, 2015)

    I actually bought in during the pay what you want deal they had... I think about a year ago. It's a neat little mashup of Ace Combat and a roguelike, if those terms mean anything to you. If not: It's an arcadey flight game with ridonculous numbers of missiles on your plane, with randomly...
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    Spiculum IR - why I can't launch it?

    Have you tried using the dedicated "launch missile" button (which I believe is enter)? Sometimes the joystick button combination can be finnicky.
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    Privateer Remake on Windows 8.1?

    I found some stuff about it in the vegastrike forum, but it hasn't had a post in over a year. Here's what looks like it might be a relevant thread for you. Personally, I didn't even know the Privateer Remake ever got to a playable state. I know Gemini Gold was more or less finished, but I...
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    Starfighter seems cool. Xwing/Tie Fighter designer new game

    I was excited until I saw it wasn't Lawrence Holland, just some guy who did mission design and story work for the series. It's brought down more by the way they're hyping the multiplayer and not talking about singleplayer at all. I'm more intrigued by the fact that one of the other guys worked...
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    Quick question about Wing Commander IV

    Thanks! I figured it was probably right, since everything else seemed to be working properly, but it was surprisingly hard to find youtube clips of people dying.
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    WC3 KS version joystick weirdness

    I've also got an Extreme 3D pro, and experienced the same bug, but figured out on the last mission before the Kilrah system that if you switch to the alternate flight mode in the options (the one where turning causes you to bank like in the X-Wing games), the problem goes away. In my case it was...
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    Quick question about Wing Commander IV

    My playthrough of the full series is slowly chugging along, and I just got to WCIV for the first time. I'm wondering if something that seems kind of odd is right. If I die in a mission, I hear a voiceover from one of the news broadcasts talking about how Blair just died, but I don't actually see...
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    WC1 EMS vs Non-EMS video comparison

    Is it weird that I actually like that explosion better than the ones you see on a system with enough EMS? They kind of remind me of the explosions in WC2, but smaller.
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    Timbres of Heaven Soundfont 3.0 is out!

    Sweet! Timbers of Heaven 2.0 is the best soundfont I've found so far, I wonder what's been changed for 3.0.
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    Ace Ferrara Launches on Android (October 19, 2014)

    Went ahead and bought it, waiting on the download now. Thank you to the dev for remembering to support Android. It's not as much of a problem as it used to be, but every now and then I still come across a game I'd happily toss a few bucks at, but can't because it's iOS only. Edit: Well, that...
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    Amiga Retro Games Reviews Classic WC Port (October 17, 2014)

    What's really weird is he says he remembers playing it on the Amiga with his uncle. Makes me wonder if he's half remembering some other game that he did that with, maybe even some other space game. Not sure what there was that had system link multiplayer on the Amiga, though, aside from, like...